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5 Mobile Infirmary Cir, Mobile, AL 36607, USA
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Consumer feedback about Mobile Infirmary

Rating: 5 /5

Janet Church

My husband had an emergency and was transferred to Mobile Infirmary NICU from Thomas Hospital. I can't say enough good things about Mobile Infirmary. The doctors, nurses, and housekeeping staff were great. He was checked on often to make sure everything was OK.Everyone was friendly and very helpful. Even the meals were good. I would highly recommend this facility. Very caring staff.

Rating: 3 /5

K Pettway

Initial experience was good but awaiting the GI doctor, Dr. Lerner, was horrific. His failure to consult with us caused a great deal of confusion, delay and disorder. In addition, this place is filthy. The ER bathroom seriously looks like a low quality gas station restroom. I’ve been here for over 24 hours and it has not been cleaned. Our area in the ER was also filthy. Fluid from the IV on the floor, bloody bandages on the floor. When our nurse, Elisabeth, had an emergency with another patient no one covered for her. I asked for the nurse manager 2 hours ago and I have not seen anyone yet. There are really good nurses and doctors here. The admitting staff in the ER were great. Still a lot of improvements needed. ALOT

Rating: 4 /5

D. J. Walker

On the third floor nurse he was a gentleman named Houston and nurse her name is Margaret I do not know their full names but they were absolutely wonderful nurses gave medications on time like they were supposed to constantly checked on me and did it with great bedside manner two thumbs up and made the best of my bad situation keep up the good work you guys

Rating: 2 /5

Leigh Ann Gates

Surgery and ICU was great but the LTAC is a JOKE. Mother-in-Law had surgery on Nov. 15, ICU from Nov 17- Dec 2, LTAC from Dec 2 - present. This is my latest FB post on the topic....... Yall, this NONSENSE with that darn 4th floor has got to give! {Hubby} called for an update on his mom, and the lady at the nurses station told him that her nurse was in with another patient and could call him back in about 5 minutes. We know they get busy and things come up, so we didn't think anything of it when a half hour passed with no call. After another half hour he called back. This time he was told that the nurse had stepped off the floor, (it was lunch time by then), and would he like to leave her a message. He said no maam, I already left her a message about an hour ago. The lady said oh she has the message, she'll get back up with you. {Hubby} asked if there was anyone else he could speak to, that he was just trying to get an update on his mom, and was told no, it has to be her. Okay. After ANOTHER hour, he called back. This time the nurse came to the phone. This is how the conversation went: {Hubby} - Yes maam, I was calling to get an update on my mom {insert her name}. Nurse - Nothings changed. Everything's the same. (A pause............) {Hubby} - Oh okay, so she's still feeling the same. Nurse - Well, no, her blood pressure is up today and it was up yesterday and she said she was nauseated so we gave her something for nausea. (Another pause..................) {Hubby} - But I thought you said nothing had changed?? Nurse - Well yeah, except for that. (A pause, thinking "you've gotta be kidding me!"............) {Hubby} - Last weekend the dr said that yall were going to start weaning her off the vent. Has that started? Nurse - Oh, yeah, we started that. We started that the first of the week. (Really???!!!!) {Hubby} - And you told me earlier that nothing had changed??? Nurse - Yeah, nothing to speak of. We can't just take them off that vent. They have to come off it a little at a time. (Oh. My. Gosh.) {Hubby} - Yes, I know that. I was just trying to get an update and see how she was feeling. Nurse - Well this is my first day being her nurse, but they tell me that nothing hadn't changed and she still feels the same as she did............... There are SO many problems with that conversation! THAT is the attitude and the carelessness we have been dealing with since Dec 2nd! Oh, and on Tuesday I received a call from the 4th floor's social services lady, who tells me that they can't cater to my dad (I didn't bother to correct her), that they couldn't take care of every patients family, that my dad is "allowed" to be there, but he doesn't "have" to be there, and their job is to care for the patients, not their families. 《This was in response to me calling on Monday, telling them that ICU had said that we could possibly get a guest meal tray delivered for {her husband} and also telling her that the downstairs social services had referred me up to her about the (negligance) problem we had had last week.》 I. WAS. LIVID. And thank God I was too busy at the time she called to tell her just how livid I was. So, today after the joke of an update to {Hubby}, I called the main number and asked how I could speak to the Administrator. "Well that depends on what you want to speak to them for." (Biting my tongue), I briefly explained the issues we have been having. I finally get transfered, and get the voice mail of a person that I couldn't even understand their name. I can't even count how many times "someone will be in touch..." This is beyond a joke! What do you do when the people who are supposed to help you, DONT??!!😠😠😠

Rating: 4 /5

Michael Bennett

Great staff nurses and CNA all good service and pleasant to be around.