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111 E 210th St, Bronx, NY 10467, United States
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Consumer feedback about Montefiore Medical Center

Rating: 2 /5

Daniel Joyce

Well staying in the hospital is better than ER here but then again I could be stabbed in the eye repeatedly and that would be better as well. The night nurses were the best here in my three day stay. One day nurse came in and I said my pa n was a 15 and she decided to have a conversation on my discharge. I then told her I am sorry but I can’t hear you please get pa n meds and hen we can talk. She walked away with attitude and took 15 minutes to come back. They then wanted to discharge me without a doctor coming in to talk to me about how to take care of my wounds from surgery I just had yesterday. I felt that was strange and said I am not leaving till a doctor addresses my questions, gives me instructions and takes one last look at surgery to make sure all is good. Very inattentive staff and not felt welcomed. Like I said the night nurses were there and check on you and made sure you were good. Only pleasant time in my stay.

Rating: 5 /5

Alex Vazquez

The emergency room could use some attention. It gets very crowded and people get stacked up. With that said, when you get admitted; the doctors and nurses are phenomenal. The hospital is clean and sanitized, the nurses are kind and caring. The doctors are informative. Communication can also be looked at. There may be some disconnect between nurses and doctors.

Rating: 4 /5

Doreen Wise

This hospital saved my husband life. Caring and professional staff and the doctors were very knowledgeable and fast acting in his care. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is for the old rooms and some cleanliness issues and short on supplies at times but overall the care was awesome.

Rating: 2 /5

Genital Thomas Herpers

I am not a Devil Worshiper I am half Jewish Not all Medical Department in Montefiore Hospital are Perfect. But the Emergency Room Nurses need to Stop be Racist & Rude to People. Emergency Room need Couple Water-Fountain for People can drink. The Emergency Room are Depressing in Montefiore Medical Center Moses Division. Patients Bed need more Room to move. Rights now The Emergency Room Patients Bed feel like COFFIN no Room to Move. I hated coming to this Emergency Room. Because I am heavy & I don't have Room to move. This Hospital Patient Come First & Stop be Greedy Montefiore Center. The Public Restroom are Nasty it Smell Pure Urines in The Emergency Room. The Public Restroom no Soap in The Emergency Room. Maybe someone can put some music in The Emergency Room. So Patients & Employees can't get Depressed in The Emergency Room.

Rating: 1 /5

Manuel Torrado

I understand that hospital profession can be hard work. dealing with peoples lives... but in saying that...They never get their act together. Never get my son's appointments right. Long waiting time for a schedule appointment an hour.. two or more. Why have a schedule appointment . Never properly follow up on ordering my son's treatments. Sent it to wrong the clinic. We found out that our son has osteoporosis from a medicine the prescribe to him over 20 years ago. They neglected to check for the side affect (osteoporosis) this treatment cause in his blood work. When we had a sit down with a supervisor and the doctor assigned to our son. They said that information that about Osteoporosis side affect caused by this treatment was the most resent information they had. That was 20 year ago. INFORMATION THAT IS 20 YEARS OLD IS THE MOST CURRENT INFORMATION THEY HAD. IT DIDN"T ACCUR TO ANYONE TO TELL US! Now our son has to deal with this condition.The supervisor said he would personally look in to this matter.. 3 months later the supervisor retired without doing anything and the doctor was reassigned. One time my ex-wife had taken our son to the ER. After waiting for 3 hours there, she asked for his doctor. Wanted to know what's going on. The doctor told her our son was dying she could wait. This is professional care?! Not one time has my son gone to an appointment there without there being a promising out come. My ex-wife leaves there frustrated be cause the lack of provision and lack of professionalism