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Consumer feedback about Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital

Deokie Persaud
Deokie Persaud

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Last Saturday, I had to get an X-ray for my neck. Two young men assisted me. One at the registration desk and the other, the X-ray technician, were very extremely professional. There was not wait time. Excellent service. Thanks!

poppy pop
poppy pop

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

You will be ignored. Dr came, didn't even sit down, he literally stood in the doorway the whole time. He asked me was the problem. I told him I had a sore throat for 2 weeks. He then shined a flash light down my and walked out. Never saw him again after that. I had to wait 3+ hours to find out that apparently I'm perfectly fine. I rather go to a vet than here again.

Lisa Gordon
Lisa Gordon

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I have to give this rating one star if I could give it none I would. The staff is not very professional the staff talks to much and they are slow at what needs to be done as it is according to their job description. One patient at a time I understand that but you have people who don't take the ambulance but are in excruciating pain and still the staff is slow at attending to them. They have the nerve to update the name but not update on better staff.

Blake Friday
Blake Friday

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

At first I had my reservations about Mount Vernon hospital. Due to the employees often times in the hallways of the Emergency room, openly speaking their mind on the service, and the overall experience. Then it happened to my mother and I, as she had a stroke. I SEILDOMLY WRITE A BAD REVIEW. EVER!

The overall care for my mother was okay, and I've been through this once before too many times in Westchester, but in a more organized setting. Meaning this was a very painful experience for me from 9am, Sunday morning until present.
My mother came into the Emergency room with belongings from the nursing home. Even rode with her there. Even washed her belongings, telling Emergency room nurses and brought the items back. Nursing staff in emergency placed the foot heals in a bag for personal belonging on the back of her bed. When the staff moved her from Emergency room, to the 4th, to the 5th floor she had her personal belonging from the nursing home. I know, because I was there all day, 2 times a day, everyday.
Some how, as she moved to the 5th floor with belongings, and was moved into 3 different rooms to be Isolated, and was supposed to be discharged within two days according to her doctor, I brought her an sweatsuit to wear. It was cold out, discharge was in a day or two according to her doctor. Told her acting nurse floating in the hallway on the computer, that I brought the clothing, where I placed them, in her personal belongings bag.
The night of discharge, 3 days later due to still being isolated, her belongings are LOST. THE STAFF NEVER REPORTED SHE HAD BROUGHT PERSONAL BELONGINGS FROM THE NURSING HOME, FOOT HEALS AND SWEATSUIT GONE! FROM EMERGENCY ROOM,TO THE 4TH, TO THE 5TH FLOOR. BUT I WAS THERE! I TOLD THE NURSES! I AM SO HURT that they'd LIE, and not reimburse me for her belongings. MOST OF ALL THAT THEY WOULD LIE. I even held up EMT from taking MY MOM until they could find her belongings. Lied and told me the didn't see nothing, as some of the nurses that where on staff the night my mom was brought to the 5th floor were present. NOTHING! Trying to STAY CALM, BUT MAD.

Then being DISCHARGED to be placed into the nursing home that night 7pm, my mother was supposed to be cleared of being in Isolation, as to her being released to the nursing home. Nothing in the doctors notes said STILL ON Isolation, stated EMT. We get to the nursing home, they didn't have a bed ready because the hospital didn't state in the notes she was off of isolation. But her acting doctor from the nursing home, stated she was cleared. After 30mins to an hour pass, waiting for the head nurse to figure out the riddle, almost 8:30-9pm, she was finally placed in a room with another patient, because they didn't have a room ready for an Isloated patient; bacterial stomach infection. Next day, she has a room in a isolated room.
I just pray my mother is okay being so far away in the Bronx in another nursing facility, still on Islation with Alzheimer's away from me (feel like I lost my child in the system can't get them back and she has insurance) because she was ABUSED in a Mount Vernon nursing facility, long term, the only dialysis center in Westchester. I'm so upset, hurt, and frustrated of this overall experience.

My advice TO ALL, watch your loved ones closely, double check everything, and watch your love ones personal belongs closely. Make sure you speak up when you see something THEY DO WRONG. AND LISTEN WHEN THE EMPLOYEE SPEAK IN THE HALLWAYS.
Because as patient as I am, they still have LIED to my face about what their doing to rectify this situation, as their looking diligently for items with NO NAME IN THEM. NOW THEIR STILL ASKING FOR MY PATIENTS IN THIS MATTER. HOWEVER, SIGNS POSTED ON THE WALL IN ALL ROOMS STATE, "NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PEROSNAL ITEMS BEING LOST OR STOLEN."

Ni99quaisha Mercer
Ni99quaisha Mercer

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

If I could give this hospital no star I would but. I have to put 1. The staff is rude and get mad when your knowledgeably. The doctors give prescriptions and don't even test your blood or do MRI or w.e it needs to be done for a diagnosis. If I had the means to go somewhere else I would . It feels like your a bother when you only truly concerned about your well being its heart breaking ppl only go to work to kill time not to actually help Nd relieve others worries

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