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6600 Madison St, New Port Richey, FL 34652, USA
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Consumer feedback about Morton Plant North Bay Hospital

Rating: 5 /5


Great hospital. They are very nice here. I've had to go to the emergency room several times and they were very good. Everything is clean and the doctors and nurses are very professional and thorough. I would definitely recommend this facility.

Rating: 1 /5

Ebony Anderson

I would give them a 0 if I could. So here's my experience from North Bay today. I went in doubled over in pain. I know for a fact that I have ovarian cysts because years ago I found out that I had them FROM NORTH BAY. I arrive at the ER between 1 and 1:30 PM OBVIOUSLY IN SEVERE PAIN. After settling myself on the floor because of the amount of pain I was in one of the nurses came out and took my name and what was wrong with me. So after being on the FLOOR in the ER for about 20-25 minutes I ask if I could plug my heating pad up in one of the outlets because at least the heat soothes my pain a little. The staff said yes and I was placed in a corner by the welcome desk. 3:00 PM rolls around and I am seeing people who walked in after me (I'm specifying "walked in" because I arrived in a wheelchair because I couldn't stand up straight due to the amount of pain). Around 3:30 PM I'm disgusted with the lack of service I received. The only service provided to me while in the waiting room is a lady took my vitals around 2:45 PM. That's horrible service because they normally take your vitals during triage right?! That's not though considering after all of this frustration and lack of care and concern for what was wrong with me The Doctor (a foreign older man) comes in and says "well that's just how periods work I will order a urine sample and give you a list of OB GYNS." The entire experience made me feel like NORTH BAY could care less about my health. Let me put the icing on the cake for the the second nurse rudely made it her mission to make sure I knew that my insurance would be charged because I "signed in". I am definitely contacting my insurance company because I guess they assumed I was a medicaid client and I pay for insurance through my job so my insurance company is on my side. I would not take my dying enemy to North Bay hospital because they only thing they did for me was make sure that I knew they could care less about my health.

Rating: 1 /5

Hector Ruiz

Only a 1 star because it's the lowest option. Wheeled my wife in as she was in considerable pain and unable to walk any further than a few steps at a time due to her knee swelling, which was our primary reason for the visit. She also had a stiff neck and shoulder from a previous issue. Checked in, got vitals and waited for about 3.5 hours. Finally got called back and the nurse got some ice packs to help relieve some of the swelling on my wife's knee. She also told my wife that she should remove her pants as the PA would be in to check her knees. My wife simply asked if she could just pull the pant legs up as they were baggy pants. The nurse was fine with this. Since we had been there for a while, I stepped out to get some fresh air and walk around as I had just finished a 12 hour work day. When I come back in towards my wife's room, I can hear her voice and she sounded distressed. I entered the room to see what the commotion was. There was a man with a shaved head and facial hair who I assumed was the PA. Apparently he wanted her to put the hospital gown on even though the nurse previously stated that my wife would be fine the way she was (something she seemed reluctant to repeat once the male medical staff member was in the room). My wife just decided to go along with it and stated to the medical staff that she would wait for me to return so that I could assist her into the gown. Apparently this was not good enough for the gentleman and he became very huffy towards my wife WHO WAS IN PAIN. He also felt the need to tell her that, if she was able to remove her shoes, she should be able to change into a gown. He didn't seem interested in noticing that she had to kick her shoes off since she could not reach them. This is about the time I came in. I calmed my wife down and was about to help her change into the gown. She then expressed her displeasure at being talked down to. At this point in time we received a lecture on how there are other patients in the ER that need care as well. Horrible bedside manner. We are so sorry we put you out by waiting around for hours to get medical care for my wife who could BARELY WALK. My wife was visibly upset and, with good reason, not comfortable enough to let this medical staff care for her as they seemed to "care" very little. Unless it had to do with a hospital gown. So I wheeled my wife back to our vehicle and cared for her to the best of my ability until we were able to get proper care at a better facility. We will never patronize this location again. It seems as if we will have to drive to Pinellas just to get decent medical care.

Rating: 1 /5

George Hancock

Walked in at 6pm with internal bleeding. Diverticulosis. Got vitals taken at 6:15 pm. Maybe 8 patients in the entire place. At 8pm more people come in. Three people that came in an hour to an hour and a half after me were called. One of them had a slight limp and another was laughing and joking. This place is a joke! If you have an emergency do yourself a favor and go to Trinity Hospital or someplace else. I finally left at 9:00 without seeing anyone! I guess a little limp takes precedence over internal bleeding! This incompetent hospital will cost someone their life one day and maybe just maybe upper management will do something about it!

Rating: 1 /5

Rachel Blunk

If I could give this Hospital a "0" rating I would! Worst Hospital EVER!! My Husband went to this Hospital as he's done multiple times in the past for Heart Issues! Normally, I wait for about 40 minutes before going, because I want to wait for them to have time to get him settled and it gives me time to call his children to let them know he went to the hospital! He's 80 yrs old now, but we were married 13 yrs ago. He didn't act nor did he look his age and he didn't have the issues he's has today! He's has early stage of Alzheimers/Dementia he can't operate a PC nor his remote control. Myself, I walk with a cane, because I've had 3 Back Surgeries and multiple Neck Procedures like Facet Injections, Radio Frequency Oblations, and they want to do surgery on my neck too! Okay back to this PLACE called a "HOSPITAL!" I arrive last night 09/22/2017, and 1st of all can't find a parking space, because of all the construction in the front of the Hospital! I needed something close to the Hospital like Handicap preferred so there wasn't anything, so I parked in a Physician's Parking spot! Anyway, I go inside I wasn't greeted with like "How are you doing?" or "May I help you!" I was greeted by Nurse "Jackie" with "Are you here to be seen?" I replied "NO, I'm here, because my husband was brought in by ambulance about 40 minutes ago." Jackie proceeded to say "Well I have to see if he's ready yet!" so, she looks on her PC stands up and moves toward the door leading into the Back, but before she leaves behind that door, she states "YOU CAN WAIT IN THE WAITING ROOM!" I replied "No I'll wait for you right here" and sat down near her desk! Jackie stops leans over to me and says "YOU DO THAT, BUT WHEN I GET BACK YOU WILL GO AND SIT DOWN IN THE WAITING ROOM!!!" So you see "Jackie" already had it in her mind she was going to make me sit in that waiting room whether my husband was ready or not! As I predicted when "Jackie" emerged from behind that door, she told me "HE'S NOT READY YET, GO AND SIT DOWN IN THE WAITING ROOM!" Yes, I got mad I replied "FINE, YOU CAN TELL THE DOCTOR HE CAN CALL ME WHEN HE WANTS ME TO COME AND PICK UP MY HUSBAND!" I'M LEAVING NOW, BUT IF HE DIES IN THERE, I'LL BE BACK!" It was me bringing back a LAWYER to SUE YOU IN COURT if my husband died and you refused to let me see him when you knew the doctor HAD SEEN HIM AND WAS ADMITTING HIM INTO YOUR HOSPITAL 10 MINUTES AFTER HIS ARRIVAL TO THE HOSPITAL, BECAUSE HE WAS IN SEVERE A-FIB! I forgot about "Beth" when I called the Hospital "Beth" answered the Phone and I asked to speak with someone in the ER! After I explained that I Left the hospital but security told me not to come back she "Laughed" at Me! I replied "It's pretty Funny isn't it?" "Beth didn't say anything, and just transferred me to the E.R. I then spoke to a "Kim" in the E.R. who claimed she was a supervisor! At first I was like I'm just going to sign My husband out of that "God Forsaken" Hospital and take him to another hospital in the Area like "Bayonet Point Hospital!" However, Kim did listen to me after she accused me of Threatening "Jackie!" Which I denied, because I'll be back really doesn't constitute a Threat! "Kim" said she would look into my claim about "Jackie!" I mean the hospital must have Video of the EXCHANGE Right?