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1121 N Church St, Greensboro, NC 27401, USA
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Consumer feedback about Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital, the

Rating: 1 /5

Paula Wam

Took my friend here. She was experiencing excruciating pain in her head. Loud noise and bright lights were making her headache worse. We checked in and we waited for about 1h. They took us to the back and all they did was take her vitals, they sent us back to the waiting room. We waited for about 2 1/2hrs and we are yet to see a doctor. They are many other sick people in the waiting room and some of them have been waiting for 8hrs +. They have the WORST emergency room. The staff is rude, except one lady. There is a small unqualified little girl walking around taking people’s vitals in the waiting room. They need more qualified workers. I am not the one sick, but my only concern is someone could die in the waiting room. CURRENTLY: STILL WAITING TO SEE A DOCTOR.

Rating: 5 /5

B. Kayhill

Had outpatient surgery recently. I arrived at my appointed time and things went smoothly. After admitting I was promptly taking back and prepared for surgery. The staff was fantastic and very professional and courteous. I felt like I was treated with respect and my whole experience went very well. A few weeks prior I had come to the emergency room and was also treated promptly and with respect. I can only assume that as people if you are treated with respect and treat others with respect things tend to go much easier. Would recommend Moses cone hospital to anyone and feel comfortable and confident upon returning to the hospital for future appointments or emergencies.

Rating: 5 /5

Derric jennings

Had great service at Moses Cone. Fast service in the ER even though the ER was busy. Had a great service in the hospital. The nurses where the best. Highly recommend if you have to go to the hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Tammy C

So my mom was sent to the ER from Cone' s Urgent Care because her EKG was abnormal & a heart attack was suspected. That was at 930 tonight. It is now 1230 & my 72 year old mom is STILL sitting in the waiting room because they say they are waiting on a clean room. REALLY?? What kind of po-dunk hospital is this?? We're afraid to take her home in case she HAS had a heart attack but my mom is exhausted and is freezing. What a sorry excuse for medical care. Update: My mom HAD TO HAVE an artificial balloon pump temporarily put in to beat FOR her heart as her BP continued to bottom out. She was in cardiac ICU for several days before they determined her heart was strong enough to beat on its own. We wonder what could have been avoided had she NOT been sent back out to the waiting room-With no medical care-for all those hours.

Rating: 1 /5

Danielle Monk Monk

Waiting over 2 hours in pediatrics area. Where is the sense of urgency or are y'all understaffed. Like these are sick kids and you put certain kids before others based on how y'all rate the patient. So sad. I would of left long time ago. But since I love my child, and after working a 12 hour job, I have to sit and wait. Pissed off frfr.