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About Muleshoe Area Medical Center

Muleshoe Area Medical Center has served Bailey and surrounding counties for over 65 years, providing inpatient, outpatient, and emergency health care services to community residents.
Muleshoe Area Medical Center operates a Level IV Trauma Center while the inpatient services feature 25 acute care beds serving patients with acute and chronic medical conditions such as heart attacks, congestive heart failure, pneumonia and influenza, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes.
Muleshoe Area Medical Center also provides outpatient services including laboratory, radiology, and physical therapy departments.

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  • Critical Access Hospitals
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  • Proprietary
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$11,081,081 Rating 2.7
(3 reviews)

Carrie Hall

I would never go here for medical care unless you absolutely have to. My sister in law and brother were visiting Muleshoe, when she started bleeding at 13 weeks pregnancy. They were told upon arrival at the ER that they could not serve them, so they needed to go somewhere else. Shortly thereafter, they decided that they could in fact see them. I wish they had left, because what followed next was HORRIBLE. A serious travesty to the medical and emergency medical profession. They were "attended" to by a Dr. Funk. He told my sister in law that she was miscarrying due to her promiscuous lifestyle. My sister in law has been married to my brother for nearly three years now, and isn't now, nor has she ever been, promiscuous. Not to mention it was none of his business, nor was it important to her condition. He also accused her of not even knowing that she was pregnant, and insisted she was just having a period, and 'most girls know when they are menstruating' (paraphrased). When an u/s (and extremely painful one at that) confirmed that her baby no longer had a heartbeat, the Dr. further treated her harshly, saying things like "when you pass the 'thing' . . ." etc. Then, as they were preparing to leave, they were told, "well, we didn't see a heart beat, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. We recommend you get a second opinion" (paraphrased again). I'm ASHAMED of the way my sister in law and brother were treated. I am ashamed to live in the same town as this establishment. And you can bet that my sister in law and brother will be following up this horrendous experience in whatever manner they must (legally of course) in order to ensure that other citizens are never treated as rudely and despicably as they were.

Karla Bustillos

Im always disappointed when I go. It's either we can't help you go somewhere else or the see you and they don't know what to say. Like really? If this is the service might as well come all the way to Lubbock then there.

Charles Brown

Way better than Clovis NM.