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1910 Malvern Ave, Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901, USA
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Consumer feedback about National Park Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Tammy Jordan

My dad was there to have a pace maker put in. Normally, the nurses or aids will bring water, kleenexes, etc while accessing the patient. No water was brought to him in the 3 days of stay unless asked for or I went to get it for him. They didn't give him his daily meds until the Sunday morning he was to be discharged and they were aware of this because I mentioned it to them on more than one occassion. The Drs were great. The surgical team was great and when called the nurses were attentive. The bathroom had blood on the door and there were small bugs on the bathroom floor. Housekeeping didn't come in daily. I was NOT impressed with this hospital. Maybe due to understaffed.

Rating: 1 /5

sheena price

My loved one was in ICU here for a extended period of time. Granted some nurses were amazing most of them were careless and dirty. And acted as if they were tired of messing with my loved one. The ICU itsself is dirty and nurses dont go by isolation protocol therefor most of the ICU was in isolation during our stay my loved one contracted 2 anti biotic resistant infections and eventually passed away due to complete lack of care and negligence. I wouldnt recommend someone taking there dog there. And Dr tucker should not be allowed to cut anyone else open!

Rating: 1 /5

Janet Stair

Three weeks my spouse has been here...everyday there is another issue...too may cooks in the pudding. Nurses used to be excellent...not any more...sure hope he makes it out of here alive!

Rating: 1 /5

Tom Van Dyke

This hospital has become a death sentence for seniors. My Dad was 71 years old and needed heart valve replacement and Dr. Mullins (spelling?) and the people there steered him away from it. Instead they gave him an "Experimental Drug" that was supposed to be good for the heart. I looked up this drug and it was a blood pressure medication, this for a man who's blood pressure was 80s / 40s a lot and at highest 90s / maybe 50. This medication said it "Could help congestive heart failure", which my Dad did have but was not the immediate problem. I see it as they were using him for a cash cow and wanted to provide as little care as possible. After my Dad was sent home he woke up one day, his feet were black and he was suffocating because he was not getting enough oxygen. His heart valves were not pumping enough blood to the lungs and to his extremities. My Dad was dying because of the lack of care he received from this hospital and died as soon as he got to the hospital. I do not see how the people that work here can live with themselves. Now I am watching them do the exact same thing to my step mom, they are not making any attempt to find what is wrong with her, she is in constant pain, and when she comes in the admit her to a psyc ward. She comes in now when she can't live with the pain anymore and is hoping they will finally do something for her. The way they are treating her makes her not want to come in, which is exactly what they want. So what they are doing now is just giving her morphine which is doing nothing whatsoever for her because they just want her to go home, die and stay out of their hair. This is not the care our seniors deserve and I would hope people think about this and watch for these signs of improper care and go elsewhere.

Rating: 1 /5

Shelly Lewis