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1441 Constitution Blvd, Salinas, CA 93906, USA
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Consumer feedback about Natividad Medical Center

Rating: 4 /5

Dayle Eldredge

My significant other spent a few weeks here before going to Hospice care. The staff was great- professional, caring, compassionate and communicative. Dr. Wendell Harry went far above and beyond what a doctor usually does for his patient. He was always available to me for consultation by phone. He is the best doctor I have ever met!! I nominate him for sainthood! Thank you very much to the staff at Natividad.

Rating: 4 /5

Oggie Girl

less crowded than Memorial Hospital Faster Service For Emergency Patients .recommend Memorial Hospital for more serious complications or child births I recommend over Natividad . I would only go to Natividad For Faster Service For Minor health Problems .

Rating: 3 /5

Nick McLain

This review is really difficult to write because the experience I had at Natividad was a double edged sword. On the one hand, I have never experienced such rude and apathetic behavior from hospital employees in my life, and I am a former healthcare provider that actually worked in this hospital years ago. When I arrived to visit my ailing family member in the ER I went to the admitting clerk and asked if they could let me in to see my family member. They told me to push the grey button on the door to the ER. We pressed it and waited and waited and waited, repeatedly pressing it for 20 minutes. When I noticed that the admitting clerk allowed someone to go into the ER through another door, I asked if they could let us through. She said, "No." I asked her to call the RN station in the ER to tell them about people waiting in to be let in. She initially refused to do this, but when I refocused my words in a more direct, but frustrated way, she agreed to call. My next complaint is that the staff seemed to have no answers for my family and I. There were theories abound, but no direct answers. Not even educated guesses. All I wanted was a suspicion of what it might be... It's not like I'm going to hold people responsible for a suspicion! The other problem I had was that my family member who was in the ER only speaks Spanish. So, instead of a Spanish speaker checking on her and filling out a medical history, they have an English speaker mottle through it in broken Spanglish. It's Salinas, can't we hire healthcare professionals who speak Spanish??? Now for the other hand... I feel terrible for the hospital staff. They were overwhelmed with patients. They were probably being overworked as well. Our healthcare system sucks and forces them to have conversations about kicking ill people out of the hospital because they may not be able to pay for services. All these reasons alone are enough to make me forgive anything that I had to go through. I just feel bad for the people in Salinas. I feel especially bad for the poor field worker who is bringing in his sick mother (wife, father, etc.) and having to worry about not only the price of the service, but their lack of legal documents. When I was a healthcare provider these same people would drop dead in their home after refusing to call an ambulance due to the costs involved. I'm not saying that Natividad is a bad hospital, but I am saying it could be better. If I had an emergency I wouldn't hesitate to go, even though I might not like what I find there. Maybe the hospital administrators can spend more money on essentials and less on décor. I know it's a profit driven business, but get the ER some more help. Staff it up.

Rating: 1 /5

Gloria Roesner

One reason why as to why i dont want any of my family here when something happens is because my aunt, who is in critical condition might i add, had nurses that didnt even want to change her and ONE nurse was the only one that put in effort to help her and make sure she wasnt soiled and thats she watched over good. As for the other nurses, youre paid to do this, you wouldnt want your loved one laying down soaked and to say you didnt want to well karma!!!! You wonder why this hospital has poor rating

Rating: 1 /5

Marisol Mendez

Almost waited 12 Hours to get attended by a doctor because they did not have a room available, but I saw that when a room was available they will bring another patient. Really bad experience with this hospital.