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4802 E Johnson Ave, Jonesboro, AR 72401, USA
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Consumer feedback about Nea Baptist Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Garrish the Hunter

Dr. Rebecca Barrett-Tuck verified that I needed surgery, then slandered me instead. I got surgery from a different neurologist. She shared my medical information with a 3rd party without my consent and without a release for this person. Immediately, same day, right after I walked out of the room, I requested that a release of information that I had signed with another party, not the 3rd party mentioned above, be revoked, and the NEA office that she works at refused to revoke the consent to release records that I had signed. I was over charged and billed as well after paying my co pay in her office. I also lost my NEA primary care provider due to her slander.

Rating: 5 /5

Lisa Watson

Awesome !! Dr Stripling makes you feel like a person not a robot ..

Rating: 1 /5

Rev Donald Winfrey

One of the worse ER's ever been at. After being release from the Searcy Hospital and them doing nothing at all for my brother, I took him to NEA Baptist hoping someone would at lease try to help him from hurting across his chest. My brother is and has been a devout Christain for many years, and our whole family of Baptist ministers for over 65 years, and yet this ER doctor had the gall to make a statement that he was there just to get more drugs, since he had just got out of the Searcy Hospital the same morning. Its a shame that this medical society has got where the addicts can receive help and the Christians can't. I dont think much of this hospital at all. Where is the caring that they say they have??

Rating: 5 /5

Mike Edwads

Dr. Schechner almost rebuilt my shoulder and now I can do almost everything I did when I was younger so my next surgery maybe my knee and I'm going back to him five stars

Rating: 5 /5

Angela Jones