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520 E 70th St, NEW YORK, NY 10021 USA

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Consumer feedback about New York-Presbyterian Hospital


3 out of 5 stars

posted 19 hours ago

I dearly wish I could have given the hospital 5 stars.
Due to emergency, I had to stay over for a few weeks. Night and day shift was amazing.
Caring and cautious.
I would reccomend to a friends If needed.
Only two problems I'm having. Bathroom needs Reconstruction. Is too small, floors smell and not well attended. The TV doesn't has good signal. I was surprised channel 11 wasn't working and had no volume. This was all TV on the 5 floors. This channel is on FX, as you can see is back to the stone ages.

The Greatest
The Greatest

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

too many young doctors who some of them DIDNT EVEN GRADUATE COLLEGE they’re just there for 2 years and they’re calling themselves “doctors”, they’re packing me up with pills even though i don’t need any, security SUCKS with that stupid “2 people a time” rule unless you have a nurse call for a open room, if you’re a minor and don’t have an ID security is always on your back saying, “where’s your ID? where’s your ID? you can’t go in without an ID.” like yesterday my kid had to go out and when she cane back in they bombarded her with questions about “where’s her ID”
I can say more but it’s too much to say. wish i could rate 0 stars

Joseph Weiss
Joseph Weiss

4 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Recently went to the ER here with mixed feelings. Firstly, this was my shortest visit to an ER. They really got me in and out fast. This included a CAT scan and blood tests. What surprised me was that the nurses gave me the test results as they came in. The doctor only came back just before I left, handing me a package of documents and not offering much info. She did not offer to discuss what was in the package. I then asked some questions (having already gotten much of my info already). Is this the new way? I would probably return as it is the closest hospital and it wasn't a horrible experience.

Chun Hu
Chun Hu

4 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

More Pros than Cons.
Admitted my father into ER - as all ERs, the progress turnaround is slow.
However, the staff's great! I was kept in the loop with constant status' (mostly) without having to chase the answers down myself, the nurses and aids were very attentive.
Once he was admitted and sent up to a room. The floor staff were also good. They were attentive (mostly), and anything needing attention were addressed promptly.
The hospital is not the largest, and resources are very limited. So much of the work had to be scheduled days in advance (with very little progress over the weekends) . This was very frustrating for myself and the family, especially with potential cancer in play.
It's day 7... Because of the staffing, this has been a good experience so far.
(will update at a later stage)

Jamie Helena Howard
Jamie Helena Howard

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Do yourself a HUGE favor and stay away from any NY Presbyterian owned hospital. They are all AWFUL. While the staff at downtown hospital weren't rude like uptown, they flat out refused to treat my chest infection & referred me to my primary care doctor located on opposite side of city. They also refused to treat herniated discs in my back - the only reason they gave me one low dose pain pill was because I couldn't walk to get out of their ER & they can't dump me on sidewalk in one of their wheelchairs or a stretcher. As far as I am concerned NY Presbyterian is worst hospital system in NYC & they should have their licence to operate emergency rooms revoked. At least the downtown NYC doesn't stink like urine like other NYP-owned hospitals. Do not ever go to NYP on 168th & Broadway. The doctors there are a bunch of thugs and the staff is even worse. Hospital security fractured my arm then hospital refused to treat it.

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