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621 10th St, Niagara Falls, NY 14301, USA
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Consumer feedback about Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Jimmy Singh

Usually I️ don’t write reviews this hospital is a joke, a place for most of the workers to come and get on phones so they can kill their time. There are really good workers who really work like they work in hospital not all are same but majority of the workers shouldn’t be here. It’s not one day experience I️ am talking months of watching how system works. Honestly request to workers if you get a job in health care please be loyal to your work. you might have many patients someone might only have one father or mother who is suffering in hospital and your one mistake could make things worse forever.

Rating: 1 /5


Usually don't post reviews on anything, but this was ridiculous. I asked about volunteering opportunities and the guy at the front desk very rudely said "call between 8-4" I proceeded to ask him who I would speak to and he mumbled something so I tried to ask if he could repeat what he said and he just goes "call between 8-4" clearly annoyed that I couldn't understand him and hangs up in my face while I try to ask another question. Honestly just this experience alone makes me not even want to call back tomorrow to offer any help. If that's how some of the staff talk to the actual patients that need help then this is just ridiculous. Hopefully if I call back tomorrow I won't be met with such rudeness.

Rating: 1 /5

Jessica B

I've dealt with this hospital a few times, the first I was having incredible stomach pains and they told me I had a respitory infection, sent me home with ibruprofen. I had to come back the next day because the pain was so intense, at first they thought I was only back for the drugs but come to find out I was having a gallbladder attack and had to be transported to ECMC for emergency gallbladder removal surgery, super negligent on their part for not catching it the first visit. The next time was for my third child and the only reason i used them was because it's the closest to home. The nurses were good, some are way more caring than others but the way they bill their claims is insane and the part that is so frustrating. Billing for each provider: the hospital, the baby, my actual doctor, the anethesiologist, they even billed for the socks they gave me! It is incredibly expensive for the patients especially if you have a deductible. Make sure you're familiar with your health insurance policy before receiving care here, so many hidden costs 😭 honestly go to Sisters or ECMC to save yourself the frustration.

Rating: 1 /5


Waited for 2+ hours, doctor kept interrupting me and then they just told me to wear my brace and take ibuprofen. I told them the brace didn't help in the past and they said there was nothing they can do unless it's actually broken. Have to go see an orthopedic doctor tomorrow. So excited for the bill that comes in for literally not helping at all.

Rating: 3 /5

Janelle Nova

Great people but dirty facilities. Emergency Room (ER): Intake was fast and care was provided in a timely matter. Staff was well educated and informed. They communicated clearly with patient. The level of care provided was fantastic and they do a great job of prioritizing cases and making sure you are being cared for even if you are a lower priority due to severity of injury/illness. On the other hand, the place is dirty. On multiple occasions, I've noticed that the patient rooms in the ER have filthy floors. I would expect them to be much better cleaned. Some floors look like they haven't been cared for in weeks. Other hospitals in the area are immaculate. NFMMC is not. It's gross. Hospital: The staff are caring and communicate well with patients and their families. They seem to care and I feel that the care is above average. Again, the cleanliness of the facility leaves much to be desired. Also, it is in dire need of updating. Rooms have 15+ year old wallpaper. Why not spend a little and give them a fresh coat of paint and get rid of the time warp? Also, the floors are dirty. Not as bad as the ER but they definitely leave a bit to be desired. If I'm in a hospital, I expect cleanliness to prevent the spread of infection and disease. That includes the floors.