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1815 Hand Ave, Bay Minette, AL 36507, USA
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Consumer feedback about North Baldwin Infirmary

Rating: 5 /5

Matthew Obrien

I went in this morning, and much to my surprise, they took me straight back! I had problems breathing, dizzy, with chest pains, and my back was hurting really bad! The team of staff this morning was constantly there for me, right at my side, always checking on me! A special thanks to Dr. Timothy Toms for being a great doctor! Im home and can breathe, and move around more than i could before! A special praise go to the people who helped me out! THANK YOU ALL! AND GOD BLESS!

Rating: 5 /5

Patrick White

Dr. Kevin Prewett did a great job treating me in the ER as he has done in the past. The staff last night was great and helpful. I'm glad they have weeded some of the bad staff. Keep up the great care.

Rating: 3 /5

Amber McDonald

Not my favorite place to go for anything other than imaging!

Rating: 1 /5

Morgan Patrick

Do not go here unless you have no ( I mean zero) options. This place has one dr and too many patients, you will be here forever. Go to urgent care or other hospital if you can spare the few minutes on the front side.

Rating: 1 /5

victoria nami

Worst experience ever. Incredibly rude nurses. when I say rude I mean RUDE and a bunch of other names I called them after leaving that I won't mention. Waited 5 hours to be told they couldn't help me. When I became upset they told me they would help me but it would be very painful or I could go home and take care of it myself. After waiting that long for no relief I tried to leave. In which they wanted me to wait "a few minutes" to be discharged. Well an hour goes by and I decide to just leave. They wouldn't unlock the door for me and made me sit and wait. Then came in and listened to my stomach. I went in for a problem with my EAR then they made me squeeze their hands. Again this problem is for my ear. At that point I was extremely frustrated to which they told me "hey people are dying in this hospital you have a small problem" then they told me the reason for the wait was a shift change. Something that happens everyday at the same time backed the hospital up 6 hours? Also the bed they put me on had dirt and sand at the end which makes me think someone else was on this bed with their feet up and it was not changed. Floors were disgusting the male nurse who came in and took my vitals kept his gloves on after touching me and touching everything else and wrote vitals on his glove. Touching his pen also So whoever he touched last time and did that is now on the gloves used for me and touching me. The whole thing was a nightmare. A few days later and I'm still having the issue with my ear. Thanks for nothing! Can't wait to see the bill. They're not getting a dime from me