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778 reviews

About HCA Houston Healthcare North Cypress

HCA Houston Healthcare North Cypress is a 139-bed general acute care hospital providing medical services to northwest Houston.
The hospital features a 20-bed intensive care unit, orthopedic care, including joint replacement surgery, cancer center, stroke center accredited by the Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center, wound care services using hyperbaric medicine, breast cancer screening & imaging, and robotic-assisted surgery technology.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals Rating 3.9
(778 reviews)

Karen hall

Great experience at the center. The staff treated me very friendly and kind. The docors and nurse were all wonderful. I felt I was in good hands. My nurse tracked down my husband who was waiting in the parking lot!

Criz Moody

Excellent Service. Very well organized. They deal with a huge amount of people and handle it well. The lady in charge has been there some years and does a fantastic job of communicating politely and professionally - and she has to deal with a lot of people who are not at their best when there. I always go there to get my labwork done.

Dana Denton

Well run office that expedited my appointment. In and out in an hour with two scan completed. The tech was very personable and did her best to make me comfortable during my scans.

Mojtaba Ejtehadian

Had a triple bypass surgery in 2013, ended up going back to the hospital due to serious heart surgery, bad enough to have chocked in my sleep! I passed out once, due to wrong medication that had brought by blood pressure way too low Doctors visits were way too casual and seemed to me getting paid for visits was the main motivation I could not eat their meals and had to force myself to have a bite I happened to lose 35 lbs


Emergency room staff is top notch not one complaint..once in a room you get great service from all nurses expect one.. There is a night shift nurse that just refuses to listen to patients request and makes his own decisions on what the patient needs. Don't want repercussions for leaving his name. So request all female nurses and youll have as good of an experience as you can for being in the hospital.