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3000 Hospital Blvd, Roswell, GA 30076, USA
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Consumer feedback about North Fulton Hospital

Rating: 2 /5

Danielle Thompson

Every time I call to get a status on my brother it's like the nurse knows the basic information, which I already know, but cannot give me answers to my specific questions. They answer me with "I am not sure" or "I haven't had a chance to look in his chart", yet its several hours into their shift already. The nurses are not knowledgeable about the patients they are responsible for, as though they are in a daycare just watching them. I would not recommend this hospital.

Rating: 5 /5

Lance Worley

Dr. Lipscomb and team were absolutely wonderful. My wife was in a ton of pain and they put her at ease with their calm demeanor and great work. Wait time was LONG but otherwise a great experience.

Rating: 1 /5

Sean Neely

We were forgotten about in the emergency room. After 2 hours we told them we were leaving and they apologized and said don’t worry about anything. Two months later I get a bill. We got abused two by Wellstar. Do not go to this hospital if you are sick.

Rating: 5 /5

Kevin McCabe

The Doctors and Nurses have always supplied timely and caring service. Thank you all. Yes, the hospital can get busy during holidays or times of crisis ( ex. bad weather) as all hospitals do.

Rating: 1 /5

Melissa Ortiz

Awful ... terrible .... Worst hospital I ever ever been to........ This was my second visit to this hospital both was very unprofessional and lacking in so many ways... I thought it was just a bad night the first night I went and had a bad experience .... not wanting to make the long drive to coming to the hospital that I prefer I decided last night to go to this hospital again and give it another try .... it was just as bad ... I got in to see the nurse pretty quickly after signing in the nurse was sweet and friendly but she never checked my temperature I didn’t know the chair was a scale to weigh me I had my purse and water bottle on my lap I wasn’t asked many questions that are asked to be at hospitals in my experience they didn’t check my blood pressure when they took me to the back I did not get a room the hospital was not busy but they stuck me in a sitting room waiting area that visitors or extra people or family would sit... it was dirty there was about six chairs in there I sat there with shingles ask them if they could turn the light off my right eye was hurting me no one was able to turn the light off ... The doctor came in this waiting area that I sat in and spoke to me and made light of my shingles I showed him about six blisters in my hair and he said this is mild never did he look in my ear or nose or look at my eye closer on my right side where I was having pain and discomfort ... I knew I had shingles I had it before but was having some symptoms I never experienced and when I researched it it had me concerned my doctor took a two week leave and I didn’t want to go in a walk-in clinic that didn’t have the facilities to check me better .... they tell me how to take care of myself with shingles give me a diagnosis on paper that said” rash “... I went back to the nurse before I left as tired and uncomfortable as I was and I questioned her on my diagnosis when giving me two days off excused I have to show my boss that I simply have a rash .... this is the second time I’ve dealt with this doctor it was the same doctor that I saw the first time when I had a car accident .... He then made light of my condition said a x-ray or MRI was unnecessary ... finding out later that I had a full tear after a specialist ordered an MRI ...”Dr. Bernard Simelton....I will never return to this place..... my pet was treated with way better care and concern at a vaccine clinic ......... I told my adult daughter no matter what if I am unconscious please DO NOT ever take me to that hospital ......... it’s worth the drive to Cumming to Northside Hospital .... you will be treated with such wonderful care and concern .... warm blankets and a real room .... the 10 years I’ve lived up here I had always left so pleased there .... now that I moved further south I tried this place ...... never again .........