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Consumer feedback about North Hills Hospital

Medical City North Hills
Reviewed from Google

2.4 out of 5 stars

Cindy F
Cindy F

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

We have brought my mom here 3 times over the past 2 years for different emergency health issues. Each time she was either admitted to ICU or a patient room. The care at North Hills has always been above and beyond. The nurses are exceptional. Appreciate the care they have given my mom.


4 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

My dad stayed here for 2 weeks after having a triple bypass. I'm happy with the great care he received. They were also helpful to my family visiting, offering snacks and coffee while waiting for surgery.


2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I stayed here for two weeks because of a medical issue. If I could have I would have driven to different hospital like UT-South Western. But Because of my medical issues, I needed to go somewhere quick. I regret going here for care. Most of the nurses were very nice, and my doctor was nice to. However, the doctor gave me the wrong anti-biotic the first week I was here, and than I went home only to find out I was still sick. Than I had to go back to the ER a second time and be readmitted because the doctor didn't take care of things the first time! You would think just like getting your car repaired why should you have to pay for a second visit to the auto repair when it wasn't done correctly to begin with? Well I had to pay for the second stay in the hospital which would have never happened had the doctor given me the correct medication the first time! I will never go to any medical city clinic, hospital or associated medical service ever again!

Jennifer Cottle
Jennifer Cottle

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

We had to bring my two year old son in to the emergency room. It is advertised on the outside of the building that it is a Children's ER. When we brought in my son, they stated they didn't have the necessary equipment to treat my son. When we suggested that we leave and take him to a children's hospital, they said we weren't allowed to leave.

After over 5 hours with my two year old. They had no answers and sent us home. All they did was take blood and a urine sample.

The staff was welcoming and helpful, but if you advertise that you are a children's ER, at least be able to treat your patient.

We will avoid this hospital in the future.

Nani Veale
Nani Veale

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

I am concerned with our experience here. I can't imagine going through a serious health problem at this place. We came in because the doctor we called was worried about my husbands symptoms and told us to get to the nearest ER asap.

I wouldn't trust this place with my life. It seems like they would release you while having a heart attack or put you under the knife when you don't need surgery all based on some doctor's mood that may never even talk to you.

The only person that was nice was the lady who checked us in. It wasn't busy at all and put us in a room right away. The rest of the staff was horrid. They do many things without asking or giving options. You really have to fight for yourself here which can be scary if you are alone and have some serious issue or just don't know any better. I joked at first about the place being like a TV show drama because they left our door open and I could hear all the work place gossip and complaining about patients.

The nurse started with a slight attitude which to be honest is fine and I can handle but it escalated quickly. She tried to give my husband stuff a couple times without saying what it was and of course I would ask which a customer obviously has every right to do but she didn't like that at all. The thing that really got me was when he was being released he was reading his paperwork since he wasn't told much. This clearly upset her that he actually wanted to look at what he was signing. It was obvious he was reading through it when she snatched the clipboard from him and slammed her finger to the spot to sign and said with a huge attitude and a big sigh "you just sign right there." Not to mention she did this after just taking his blood pressure being at 160/110 which seems high to release someone at that range when they have other symptoms.

As they walked us to the room, we passed what was supposed to be my husband's doctor. He was wearing regular clothes and sandals and seemed completely uninterested in life let alone his patients. We never ended up seeing him again after that. Instead we got a PA which now I know is a physicians assistant which has no PhD and significantly less experience than a doctor. He never introduced himself so we honestly didnt know he was a physician at all (plus they showed us our doctor so I thought the PA was a nurse). He was very short and was saying things as if he was reading straight out of a book. This was the case with everyone that worked there, they had this problem of assuming patients know everything and talking to them like they work there. Anyways the PA left us not really knowing what was wrong likely because he is not qualified for diagnosis.

So no that wasn't it. While my husband was in the restroom, a guy came into the room saying he was the supervisor and that a shift change was about to happen. He was talking really fast but said something about wanting to make sure we were good to go and understood everything because patients tend to complain about leaving uninformed. The irony of that was I had no idea what he was talking about since my husband was never told he was being discharged and this guy was bringing discharge papers when no one had talked to us about the several pending tests he had. I stopped him and asked if he was being discharged because no one told us. The supervisor was like "what, a doctor hasn't spoken with you?" I said, "about the results?" He said yes and has a doctor seen you at all today or do you know who your doctor is? (I knew it was Nguyen but we never spoke with him and only saw him in passing) I told the supervisor no we have not seen a Dr Nguyen or any doctor. He let me know someone would come in and give the results. A little after, the PA walked into the room and back out while yelling towards the nurses "where is he!?!" as if I was not sitting right there and then let out a big sigh. When he came back that's when I realized he was a PA and not a nurse. He basically told us a lot of nothing and we left without knowing if my husband was even ok or not or the results of the tests.

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