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About North Hills Hospital

Medical City North Hills is licensed for 164 beds, it was first opened in 1961 as Glenview Hospital. Medical City North Hills is the first hospital in the U.S. to have a Cycle Chest Pain Center and the first in North Texas to attain Cycle V accreditation with PCI and Resuscitation. The hospital is fully accredited by The Joint Commission with a designated Level III Trauma Center.
Medical City North Hills has a Primary Stroke Center certification and also specializes in total joint replacement and cardiac care. The hospital features 4 off-campus emergency rooms, 11 ambulatory surgery centers, 2 pediatric urgent care centers, 3 accredited comprehensive stroke centers, 10 trauma centers, Only Level I Trauma Center in Collin County, and 1 burn center.

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(319 reviews)

Fransisco Sanchez

I’ve never been treated as that staff did. Everyone pitched in to make me comfortable, even the cleaning lady. Never used the nurse button more than once. I was also impressed in the surgery room how they prepared it so I wouldn’t get infected by anything. I’m going back even if it’s just a cold. Keep up the good work.

Jack Tucker

From the moment I enter the ER the staff was professional, attentive, and timely. The staff and the facilities were superb addressing the symptoms and situation that had brought me in to the hospital. I especially appreciate and applaud how they asked questions and listened to my responses. I was very confident with their diagnosis and recommendations.

Nancy Lavo

My family and I were extremely impressed with this hospital. The level of care and personal attention was off the charts. The hospitality, nurses, and technicians were all knowledgeable and compassionate. Even the food was good.

Shauna Blake

My mother was admitted to this place and I hope she never returns. The weekend staff mainly the person answering the phone was rude, clearly not trained in how to talk to people. There is an unspoken obligation that people in this field should already have, which is to be polite when people call there to check on their loved ones.. Especially loved ones in the cardiac care unit. Highly unacceptable.

carolyn turner

❤️ every one treated me like a queen. Each day was a beautiful day to wake up each and everyone was so cordial and receptive to my needs, I could not have asked for any better help with my stay while I was there. Thank you to everybody that was involved have a blessed day