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500 E Academy St, Paris, AR 72855, USA
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Consumer feedback about North Logan Mercy Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Misty Hill

Im very dissappointed on a visit my best friend had there with Doctor Rachelle Hunt, my friend was the only one there n was called back 30 minutes later than appointment was scheduled for, after in room she again waited 30minites, for Dr.Hunt to come in from across the room said "YOU PROBABLY EAT TO MUCH SALT, SO U SHOULD PROBABLY STOP THAT, PROBABLY HAVE A LITTLE ARTHRITIS", I FEEL SHE DIDNT CARE ABOUT MY BESTFRIEND AS A PERSON. I AM CONCERNED BC MY FRIEND DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT THINGS HURTING, she has been n alot of pain n only one of her legs hurt its so swollen nits clear i seen it, its not salt or all of her would swell, and arthritis, everyone in my fam has it and tests were done to determine it. So they were prescribed medication for it, so why was that done for my friend? Why exactly is Dr.Hunt not concerned about the fact she could have a blood clot, which could kill her? I think she is a Bad Person that should be investigated or her license pulled.. That is a Person Who is Loved, a friend, a mother, a daughter, a sister and She Matters to Me and alot of others

Rating: 1 /5

Roger Lay

Clinic is useless. Hours are posted as 8 - 5 daily, but when I arrived, there was no doctor on duty to see anyone. The receptionist said she doesnt usually work there and had no clue how to direct me. Why even be open? Running joke in my family is "Its Paris!"

Rating: 4 /5

Anna Sherrill-Niemeyer

Clinic is good otherwise slow moving

Rating: 1 /5

Kirk Lensing

it's not a bad hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Dennis Gilliam