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Consumer feedback about North Shore University Hospital

Rating: 2 /5

Martha Flanagan

The young nurse I had was rude. When I asked for an extra pillow she said "your lucky you have a pillow". I had a sonogram of uterus and NO ONE went over it with me. NO ONE from GYN came to speak to me. I waited 4 hrs on stretcher and finally asked a random nurse what was "the plan". He helped me and explained things to me. Very disorganized ER

Rating: 5 /5

Elizabeth Serrano

I gave birth at this hospital at Katz and it was the best experience ever. The doctors, nurses and receptionists were amazing, they were amazing and caring about me and the baby. I was induced and they were very informative about every procedure I was undergoing, the nurses were quick and caring. The recovery room treatment was amazing, they're all private rooms and they pretty much cater and treat you great. Me and my baby were well taken care of, I'm so glad that I came here and recommend it to anybody who is expecting.

Rating: 1 /5

Alex Rodrigues Lourenco

I am completely disgusted at how this hospital treated my girlfriend. She was suffering from abdominal pain for days, went to our local urgent care to get an x ray and they had told her she may have an obstruction, so if the pain continues go to the emergency room because she will NEED a cat scan. We had come here following the doctor's orders, after waiting for hours in the waiting room (which we understood because some people are in critical condition and need care first) but when she was finally taken they did nothing for her except waste our time and money. They didn't do the cat scan as told needed by the other doctor, just another x ray that she didnt need. We were there for hours and hours and nobody even explained to us what was going to be done with her. Once again we understand other patients need more care but an update in 3 hours would have been nice. After the results of the x ray, they said they can't do anything and there's a chance she may have an ulcer, to go see a specialist. How does an emergency room not test you for an ulcer? Or give a needed cat scan? They clearly didn't wanna be bothered or care. There needs to be a better set up these people should lose their jobs.

Rating: 5 /5

Andrew Sandler

This is an amazing hospital. The staff is friendly and helpful. They know what they are doing and they are great at their job. Sometimes they can be busy but they do their best to answer your every need and question and make you comfortable.

Rating: 3 /5

Jason Mandella

North Shore is a very large hospital, known among health workers as “the mother ship” among hospitals on LI. Much of North Shore was new, clean and very well maintained. My mother, who is 91, was taken there from Syosett hospital after she had fallen and sustained several injuries. We spent most of the first day of our arrival in the trauma room being seen by various members of the trauma team. She received speedy and professional care every moment of that day. The residents we spoke to were professional and entirely on the ball. By the end of the day she had a lovely room in the orthopedic surgery unit (7 Tower) where she awaited an MRI the next morning. It turned out there was no fracture in her hip which was a blessing. The nursing staff in 7 Tower was phenomenal for the entire 4 days she spent there. On the downside I was not introduced to a full doctor the entire time we were at was at NSUH. Many residents came and spoke to us. They had been in communications with the doctor regarding her case. Finally on the last day an internist saw my mother and he was concerned with adjusting her medications to prevent future falls. I was able to speak with him by phone and this was adequate. However, I was never approached by a physician about the fracture in her arm. Most opinions are that this type of fracture in the humerus will heal itself with time. I would have liked further explanation and assurance about this from a doctor before we left. Now she’s been transferred to a nursing and rehabilitation center and I have been trying to speak to a doctor about this at North Shore. I shouldn’t have to go looking for answers now. I doctor should have approached us before she was released. That is the draw back - it is so big and busy you have to fight for access to the top medical professionals at the hospital.