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400 E 10th St, Anniston, AL 36207, USA
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Consumer feedback about Northeast Alabama Regional Med Center

Rating: 5 /5

Sherry Hogan

I had a partial nephrectomy surgery at this hospital on December 19, 2017 with Dr. Phillis. The nurses and the doctor was exceptionally well. Everyone explained to me just what was going to happen during surgery. I ended up staying two days in the hospital and the nurses were there every time I needed something. I would definitely go to the hospital again.

Rating: 1 /5

Shana O'Keefe

Beware!!!! this hospital can illegally snatch your newborn. Their Nurse staff , K. ALEX MARTIN, kidnapped a newborn baby, Illegally signed off as the baby's mother. Notice mom's name in form is "Danielle Holm" and at the bottom, nurse "K.Alex Martin" SIGNED WHERE DANIELLE HOLM (THE REAL MOM) WAS SUPPOSED. Would you give your newborn to strangers that had a half torn out piece of notebook paper stating when to be in court, only handwritten, no judge signature, not to mention its scribbled on a peice of notebook paper (i guess that is considered "offical" document in Alabama)??!?!?!

Rating: 1 /5

Adam Lesher

Absolutely the worst visit I've ever had at an Emergency Room and I've only been to the ER 4 times in 32 years. I was amazed at how uncaring and unprofessional Dr Shiver was, along with the rest of the night staff. I've never left a review for any place EVER, but I wanted to warn others to AVOID RMC in Anniston at all costs. I didn't waste any time writing this review either. Still sitting in the ER parking lot thinking of how much money and time I just wasted when I could have gone to Pell City ER, in which I went the night I broke my hand, and gotten actual medical attention. I'm thinking of heading straight there once I leave this parking lot. EDIT: Went to an Urgent Care clinic that hires real physicians and turns out I have cellulitis where Dr Shiver said there was nothing. For anyone who isn't aware of cellulitis, it is a bacterial infection that can potentially have life-threatening effects if not treated in a timely manner. Can I give RMC a "0" star rating?

Rating: 2 /5

angela brogdon

Took my daughter to the er and she was pitching a fit when the lady (because I don't think she was a nurse) tried to weigh her than said she HAD to do the temp rectal don't put any kind of lubracint on the probe b 4 she used it I WILL NOT b going back

Rating: 1 /5

corona blanca

This place is disgusting. I was pregnant and ended up miscarraging and one lady that worked in there was so mean to me and the doctor was mean as well. They judged me even though im grown, and wasnt married at the time. Saying i shouldnt be having kids if im not married. I ended up having another baby here later on. After i had him via c section, I was put in a room with no pain meds or anything without warning, crying and screaming all night and forced to get out of bed and walk. I have also been there 2 times with stomach pains. First time ome of the E.R nurses took a guess and said it was bronchitis. 2Nd time the doctor said i had acid reflux. I end up coming to Bham to find out i had gallstones lodged in my bile duct, causing infection to my liver and almost making me loose my life. This hospital is nasty, unprofessional, and they simply do not care. The only reason why i went back so much is because its close to my home. From now on i will drive to birmingham.