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743 Spring St NE, Gainesville, GA 30501, USA
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Consumer feedback about Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Inc

Rating: 2 /5

Jordan Frost

I took my son here for a broken arm and the staff was super friendly (which is why they get 2 stars instead of 1)but since they did not set his bone or could even put a cast on him since he is a child he has to have surgery on his arm because the bones have shifted since they didn't place them in the while we were ER. They were not placed because a doctor told them not to even after looking at his xrays that clearly showed the he had fully broken both bones in his forearm. Now he is going to have to have nails put in and possibly a rod because of a crappy call by a doctor. Now because of that mistake he has missed school and worst of all has to deal with pain for 5 days until he can get surgery. So thanks a lot northeast next time I'll just drive an hour to another hospital and have them take care of him correctly! P.S. the staff was super sweet and helped him be as comfortable as possible.

Rating: 1 /5

Deb H

I am a former employee and my advice to anyone wanting to use this facility is to run. Fast and far. My mother in law was recently a patient and she is in the end stages in terminal cancer. Her last admission was horrific to say at best. She was taken up to her room by a unit secretary instead of transport. It was shift change and she was obviously in a hurry to leave. When we got to the room it was still being "cleaned" from a previous patient who very clearly had precautions. Instead of waiting for the room to finish "baking" and three nurses outside the room telling her not to put the patient in the room, my mother in law was wheeled in and I watched in horror as this unit secretary unplugged the light that was part of the cleaning process, and leave the room with the light in tow. I complained to two charge nurses. I filled out each and every piece of paper I knew to fill out from my time as an employee, and I left messages to anyone I thought would need to know this. Not once was a call, email, text or anything returned to me. Within three days my mother in law tested positive for CDiff. While we don't know if its from being put in a room that wasn't finished being cleaned, or it was already on doesn't matter in my book. Nothing was done to correct this wrong and to me this is unacceptable. And from experience I can tell you all this place cares about is getting their money in. They don't care about their employees and patient care obviously is going down very fast. If you have anyone you love or care about and are needing the care of a doctor, I suggest heading somewhere else because this place to me is the absolute worst of the worst.

Rating: 1 /5

Amanda Shirley

I had the worst care that I have ever had at this ER. They were short staffed and at first, they had a lot of people in the waiting area. I almost passed out in the waiting area waiting on a room. Once I received a room, the staff were rude and ignored me twice when I pressed the call button. When a nurse finally came in my room, she said that there was probably no one at the nurses station when I pressed the button. There was someone there because both times a woman asked if I needed help and I said yes please both times. She just chose to ignore me. I told the nurse that came in the room that was the worst care I've ever received. Well, she took advantage of that and made sure that I received even worse care. I had to have a catheter. I was left alone in the room for hours before I was checked on by a nurse. My dad opened my door so hopefully that signal that I was still in there. We heard the staff at the nursing station talking about the patients like they were the lowest of the low. They were congregating at the nursing station eating and gossiping about the patients. Apparently HIPAA means nothing to them. At the end of my long stay there, the nurse came back in the room to remove the IV needle in my arm and remove my catheter. She yanked my catheter out hurting me as I am still sore today, 2 days later. When I indicated that it hurt, she laughed and smirked. She was pure evil and needs to be fired for what she did to me. She needs to be as far away from public service as possible. This is the most poorly ran ER I've ever been in and I can't believe how this unprofessional nurse is still employed. It's unreal.

Rating: 5 /5

Patricia Couto Erthal Loyola-Elliott

The best hospital service in Georgia. The staff is caring and attentive. I went to the emergency room in November, 2017, and I was very pleased with their services. Actually, the entire Northeast Georgia Medical System is pretty good. They offer state-of-the-art facilities with high tech equipment, and qualified doctors and nurses. NGMC offers cardio-vascular, women & children, emergency, and all other main medical services. The emergency building has a great cafeteria located in the lower level. Parking is always available. So, if you ever need to use one of its facilities located in the city of Gainesville, you will be in good hands. Hopefully, your experience will be good as mine.

Rating: 5 /5

Jennifer Sargent

Was here at the E.D. Tuesday morning around 5am. Dr. Stephen Hodes and the nurses that were there at the time were amazing! Dr. Stephen made sure he checked in on me throughout the time I was there! He is amazing!