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Consumer feedback about Novant Health Haymarket Medical Center

Chadi Dirani
Chadi Dirani

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I arrived there at 7.30 am with my 8-month-old baby, who burned his hand with hot water from a humidifier, in an incident that terrified us as parents...
The ER wasn't busy at all, the reception was quick but the process moved slow and cold... all while I’m holding the baby who’s crying loud in my hands! Then I was told “they wouldn't do anything to his burn for they are not specialized in that”, which I understand, and that “they'll manage to transport us to Washington Children Hospital”… but even giving him a calming medicine took well over 30 minutes!
During that time, every single nurse/doctor who passed by us and saw me holding my crying baby with his swallowing hand fell pity for the baby: “Ohhh… nooo…”... but that's about it!!! I also understand that, maybe it's not their job & they can't help.
Then came the turn for the nurses to put an I.V. needle in his other hand to give him fluids: THAT WAS BAD, almost like a fight, unprofessional… just imagine yourself watching two nurses trying to put the needle in your baby's arm, one is holding him tight and telling the other nurse "I TRUST IN YOU... YOU CAN DO IT... I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT... I TRUST IN YOU"!!! While the other nurse is almost trembling and totally scared...
Still, I understand all of that, and I don't blame people working under pressure, especially with a baby. I don't judge.
An hour and a half after arriving to the ER, we're on our way to DC in an ambulance, with water bandages on our baby's arm, wrapped in an amateur way by the nurses... fine, we understand the situation, we're not saying a word, not complaining, all we need is to be able to get the needed help for the baby.
In DC, they took care of the baby, did the right treatment, the ER Dr. was such a nice lady, calmed us and explained everything.
BUT HERE'S WHY WE'RE WRITING THIS WHOLE REVIEW (because everything else is kind of expected and it can happen):
As we're getting ready to being discharged at around 1.30pm from Washington Children hospital, a special criminal investigator and a lady from the social services, both from PW County in VA, showed up at our ER' room!!! They're coming to investigate the case because the ER at NOVANT Haymarket reported something suspicious!!! (usually that would be a crime or an abuse)
Imagine being the father or mother, in our situation, totally traumatized by the incident, and your baby's pain, and being under such pressure all day long, and now faced with this!!!! My wife was about to faint all day while with our baby, and now she's even under more pressure, because some unethical people, unprofessional, or weirdos at Novant ER, decided that something is suspicious and reported us!!! While they were the ones neglecting the baby's pain I could claim, and dealt with everything below the average, knowing that THEY WERE NOT BUSY AT ALL!!!
I really don't like being negative, and don't want to over-generalize and say the whole ER team there was like that, no, but both the Dr. at Washington Children Hospital, and the investigators, ended up apologizing from us at the end of the thing, because they realized there was nothing suspicious and felt the pain we felt as parents all day long with our baby!!!
The Dr. felt they were being weird (the ER at Novant), while the investigator clearly told us “they could have passed it easily… there was absolutely no reason to report the incident as suspicious”!!!
At the end, thanks God the baby is in good health, that's the most important. And we hope no parents would pass through such a painful experience, but we wanted to pass the lesson to everyone, because unfortunately, we live in an age where weirdos can harm good-caring parents, yet the least you'd expect this to happen... is from people working at an ER!!!

Andrew Donnelly
Andrew Donnelly

2 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Horribly slow ER. Don’t pay any attention to “ER Wait time.” Got put in a room quickly then waited hours for treatment and was given the brush off by nursing staff. Will not return unless life threatening. Hospital was clean and intake staff was kind, hence 2 stars instead of 1.

Giveaway Bonanza
Giveaway Bonanza

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

The billing service is as pathetic as their Emergency Room Service. I emailed them to inquire about a bill and they keep sending me
"encrypted emails" like I am some secret agent in Russia.

Please do yourself a favor and never go to any hospital, even if you are dying. I waited 3 hours in their emergency room and finally gave up and left without getting any treatment. They charged my insurance company $350 and sent me $76 bill anyway without doing anything. That is a FRAUD.

I wish I could give them zero star but that is not possible. There is no information on their website how to contact their management. There are hiding closed door. I am really surprised why they are in health care business

Amy Mullins
Amy Mullins

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

I have been to this hospital myself for procedures and several times with family and everytime they have done an exemplary job at caring for each of us. From the doctors to the nursing team each one has been kind and caring. Really took time to explain things. I feel that the people here really go above and beyond. Couldn't be more satisfied!

Jacqueline Knight
Jacqueline Knight

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I have only experienced great customer service from staff and doctors when I have gone due to my anemia and other health issues. I never feel rushed by doctors and nurses. They always take the time to discuss diagnosis and treatment. The facility is ALWAYS CLEAN!!

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