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Consumer feedback about Oaklawn Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

a smyth

No pain management. Some of the nursing staff obviously feel they know best. Came into the hospital in hard labor and was told I had plenty of time to get something for pain if needed. I told the nurse that, no, the baby was coming and I wanted something for pain. She didn't listen and left me unattended while the doctor ate lunch-even though I asked the nurse to go get him. The nurse ended up actually putting her hand in there during a contraction and trying to hold my son's head in during a contraction while the doctor ran for the room. My son came out- onto the pull-out part of the bed- unassisted- while the doctor was running towards the room. Thank god my husband was there to catch our boy. Yes, nurse Crazy still works there. Went into triage when I was expecting my youngest- promptly left when I saw that sadistic nurse and went to U of M. Oh yeah, and U of M will give laboring mothers something for pain, if they so choose.

Rating: 1 /5

Big Daddy

ive been disabled for 6+ years now and i was told by this hospital i need a qualified TEAM to look at me and figure out what is actully wrong, after 6 months "under there care" they refused to check my coumadin levels (told me it "should" be fine??? hasnt been checked in 6 months) after i started a major rukus they decided to finnaly check it but refused to give me the info so no idea if its thick or thin..... no help. im also sick daily have major balance issues and a seizure disorder they where supposidly gonna run several test that where never ordered i called weekly to ask when my apointments where and it was always the same thing "im so sorry sr there was no note of it in your file" after such a long period with NO help and alot of harassment i switched doctors.

Rating: 5 /5

Kim Tuck

Have had to go to this ER on three occasions. Once for high fever after chemo, another time for thumb injury (untreatable at local med center), and another during a really bad gall bladder attack. Each time I was admitted within a couple of minutes and care was very good. During two extended in-hospital stays, I had excellent care and facilities are very nice. I have regular visits to the hospital for lab work and the check in and processing are very fast; blood draw normally within 15 to 20 min. of arrival.

Rating: 1 /5

Matthew Harmon

Every time I visit the ER it's as if no one wants to be here. Very dismissive. I am a frequent flyer here.

Rating: 5 /5

Marci Legg

This is my family's first choice in hospitals. Great staff, nice facilities. Overall great experiences.