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Consumer feedback about Olmsted Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Royal Johnson

Worst experience you can imagine. Entered er with massive pain, could barley walk. They do not offer a wheel chair, the nurse walks rapidly ahead of me, then turns back in disgust that I could not keep up. They room me, say “ someone will be with you when they are free” and close the door. 10 minuets pass by and no one has come in, pain is unbearable, I look for the call light, because she didn’t give it to me I had to get up, in wrap it from the wall and press it. The response I get is “ Can I help you” in a not so pleasing manner. They send in a doc, give me 2 mg morphine im, mind you my pain is at a 10, I suffer through a botched procedure and they dismiss me. I go to st Mary’s ER because it is now worse and I end up admitted for emergency surgery the following morning! I have tried to contact OMC PT affairs and get no where. Place is a joke, if it’s a cut maybe go there, otherwise don’t do it, they do more damage then good. They should just stick with OB.

Rating: 5 /5

Robert S

I was treated with respect and dignity both times I've been to the ER and attended to very quickly. I also found that if you do not have insurance they can do all the paperwork for a loan through Sterling Bank with no interest.

Rating: 5 /5

Alexa Schendel

I dunno it's a hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Diana Fink

I had a Total Hip Replacement here and had a great experience with OMC. The staff is very caring and professional.

Rating: 4 /5

Levar Booth

Just left this place they have good service, kind hearted people that are concerned for your needs many daughter was scared of the doctors until today's visit they did everything to call her down from popsicles to stickers.. it worked thanks again Olmsted