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2001 Kingsley Ave, Orange Park, FL 32073, USA
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Consumer feedback about Orange Park Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

randy adkins

Excellent Medical Care, Sadly I have spent 5 years beside my brother a Vietnam Veteran with both legs removed and multi organ failure from agent orange. I believe had he been treated at any other hospital he would have passed several years ago. They worked to extend his life and ensure his quality of life. The doctors, nurses, assistance and all the staff including cleaning crews are second to none. The personal care provided was the best. I am positive without the excellent care at every corner he would have never had the last several years. I know hospitals and care from Cleveland, Ohio to Miami. This hospital provides great care 7 days a week. I received the same quality of service on Saturday and Sunday as Mon-Fri. Excellent Emergency Room. I could write for hours and the many different examples I could provide over the last four years. I don't live here but if I ever need care I would like to be close to Orange Park Medical Center. God Bless.

Rating: 1 /5

taeonna pope

Unfortunately you can't give zero but that is what they deserve. This hospital is disgusting. It is dirty. The rooms are full of debris, needle caps, papers on the floor. The staff does not know anything they are doing. They are completely incompetent. They are rude and umcommunicative. This is an absolute disgrace of a hospital. These people should be ashamed to be a part of This establishment.

Rating: 1 /5

Amanda Donahoe

We went in last night as a family of five, our youngest is 7 months old then a 4 year old and a 5 year old. Then my husband and I. We told them we believed that we had the flu and they didn’t want to test us. They sent us all home with viral infections. Well we went into the children's Dr's office and we all popped positive with Flua. Why couldn't they just tested us. I'm very upset that I got told that they wouldn't test because everyone is popping positive for the flu.

Rating: 5 /5

Jan Rhoden

Each and every nurse was so kind to me and my family. I was even given a large private room that I wasn't expecting. Everything was so clean and orderly. They made the best decisions before the neurosurgeon performed my operation. I had 100 % perfect outcome,,,,and I thank the entire team.

Rating: 1 /5

jason gutierrez

Monday 2/5, i came in to the hospital around 145am with horrible nausea, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pains. I was brought immediately into triage, but went downhill from there. after having vitals recorded, i wasn't brought to a room, i was told to sit in a chair with a curtain separating another chair. not a big deal. the nurse came over to put in an IV, and she was more interested to tell me about how great of a phlebotomist she was, and stories of her daughter. Soon after, the doctor came in. He asked me 2, i repeat 2 questions and felt he had a diagnosis. Instead of educating me on what he thinks it could be, he just spoke down to me and insisted this was my cause without asking previous history. No blood-work, and i had to ask repeatedly if i could have fluids due to feeling dehydrated. I was felt to be a burden to both the nurse and doctor. now here today, 2/9, my arm where she placed the IV looks like im a junkie. Ive never had bruising this bad from an IV. I feel had the nurse been paying more attention to the task at hand, instead of talking about how much "better" she is at vein sticks, maybe just maybe i wouldn't be calling BS. Wish i knew the nurse's name, i do not recommend her for anything dealing other than taking vitals. so I wasn't surprised when I had to readmit myself the next day for the same symptoms and was kept overnight