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Consumer feedback about Orlando Health

Rating: 2 /5

Sophia Hooper

My husband had major knee surgery but was not given any discharge papers. So, he did not know with whom to follow up with. He did not know whom the surgeon was. He had not documentation to take to a doctor for his after care and trying to get someone on the phone to speak with was very troublesome.

Rating: 5 /5

Dianne Scott

I don't understand the low reviews. I had one inpatient and one outpatient surgery there in the last couple of years. Both were outstanding! This is by far the best hospital experience I have ever had - and I have had many! They absolutely got everything that I never understood and hated about every other experience perfected! The nurses were awesome! Not one time did they come in with lights blaring, nor did they turn on lights and leave without turning them off and shutting door! They are very caring and kind and seem to love their job. Pain meds were there on time every single time and I did not have to suffer like all the other times. My discharge nurse was a little late, but they were changing shifts and that was only time. I also never had to hear the infernal beaping of the IV machine forever! Everything I asked for was brought in quickly and I never had to ask twice. The supporting personnel were great, and my doctors for both in and outpatient were amazing and were both affiliated with Level One Orthopedics. They seem very germ-conscious also and everyone washes hands and uses clean gloves. That always freaks me out! Hope I never have to go anywhere else!

Rating: 1 /5

Ellen Bolton

I love my doctor; love the facility....but don't get me started on the Accounting Department!! Every time you walk in the door you get another account number....try managing that! I have complained and explained to them how troublesome that is to my electronic web bill pay system to have to create a new vendor every time I go in the door for a visit. I've been going there since 2005, two times a year. Their explanation is "we have done it that way for 30 years" They need get with the new technology!! The only solution I can come up with is to write a manual check every time I get a bill and keep paper copies to substantiate payment. I am in their collections system right now, even though I have a credit balance in one of my many other accounts with them in the amount of $153....they can't figure out how to take money from one of their accounts and transfer to another! They spend a great deal of time explaining how their accounting system works. Do I as customer really care to understand that? That sounds like something they should know, not me!

Rating: 2 /5

Mz Ladi

Very slow, also the clinical evaluation area should be inside a room. The nurse was asking personal questions, and I could hear everything!!! Not cool!!!!!!! I wouldn't come back unless a serous emergency, just because of that!!!

Rating: 1 /5


TEERIBLE hospital i recomend to never come to this hospital because they had 2 people in the lobby and took me an hour to get a room. SAD