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Consumer feedback about Oro Valley Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Shivaya Gurave

no cardiologists or neurologists on staff- if you have issues requiring help in these areas DO NOT come to OVH. If you have some sort of insurance they can suck dry they will admit you and hold you so they can bill your insurance until it runs out. I got NO medical answers to what my condition was (after holding me 2 days they eventually said I had a stroke) but with no neurologist on staff could not get treatment or any answers.....they held me for 5 days telling me the whole time I would have to be moved into their rehab unit on the 3rd floor, until finally my insurance told them they wouldn't pay so they finally released me. It was like being held for ransom. Stay far far away.........

Rating: 1 /5

Julie Winklepleck

Worst E.R. visit of my life. On 6/5/17 I was sent to Oro Valley ER by my PCP as I was running a fever and tachycardic and he thought I should get IV fluids at a minimum. Although Northwest Hospital is closer, he thought I would get through OV Hospital quicker so I was driven there as I was too sick to drive myself. After a rather long wait, and having still not been seen I asked for a blanket as it was freezing cold in the waiting area. Although I was told they would get me one, they never did. After a much longer wait than that, I was finally called back to get triaged. When I asked how much longer the wait might be I was told there were 8 patients ahead of me that had already waited at least 4 hours. I felt so horrible I didn't think I could wait 4 more hours and had to get someone to drive me home. To add insult to injury, I just received a bill for $409.78 for absolutely no service. The hospital should be embarrassed to bill a patient for to whom no service was provided except a long wait in a freezing cold waiting area. Nobody, seemed to care, nobody was nice. I would never go back there again.

Rating: 5 /5

Colleen Kessler

My husband spent 5 days in the hospital after being admitted for abdominal pain. The emergency was extremely efficient and had him diagnosed withing 90 min after a serious of tests. The care he received from the doctors, nurses and all staff was superb allowing us to concentrate on his comfort and care. This hospital is quiet and peaceful. I want to thank the staff of Oro Valley Hospital for wonderful services you provide.

Rating: 5 /5

Carol Newton

The date today is November 27, 2016. The subject of this review is the care my Mom received after a hip operation. After observing the care during and after the operation, as well as her time in rehab, I feel the hospital staff deserve a 5 star rating. There will always be small items that may have been improved upon, but part of that is my job to be an advocate for my Mom. Special thanks to Ben, the big O.T. guy, and Amy in the rehab unit. You guys have infinite patience and are truly exceptional. Burl and Carol Newton.

Rating: 1 /5

Sarah metzger

***BEWARE***Oro and NW Hospital. I worked for both companies as a contractor. The things I have seen would stun you. Nurses, doctors, staff, management....elderly patients "falling" due to neglectful techs or nurses, neglect, staff on cell/computers on FB or shopping, patients being sedated because they were "out of control" but really just bothersome for the staff, judging patients by race, station, dependency issues, ect. For goodness sake DO NOT use this hospital or its affiliates if you are in anyway employed by them. Anything that you are being privately treated for can be discussed with or cause you to be unfairly terminated. They don't care about HIPPA in the least. Be careful y'all. There are very few folks at this hospital that actually love their job the other's just pretend they do and give mediocre care.