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Consumer feedback about Ouachita County Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Crystal Franzen

Ok, if someone won't wake up and they are brought into the hospital and the hospital is told atleast TWICE to get a STRETCHER or a BED because a wheelchair IN COMMON SENSE WONT WORK, WHY then bring a wheelchair in and try to load this sleeping person with a bag into it and then watch as she slips out and have her head fall on not only the metal but the floor! unless you just WANT to get sued! This is one sorry excuse for a hospital! If you can't make it to Little Rock you seriously would be better at a veterinarian clinic!

Rating: 1 /5


This hospital is a joke. These "trained professionals" obviously don't know how to do their jobs when they are supposed to handle a patient with care. Instead they use the wrong equipment and let a 70yr old cancer/hospice patient fall and get hurt. Smh

Rating: 5 /5

Scott Wells

I was given care here and it was TOP notch. I had to modify my diet so I started eating in their cafeteria and let me say the food is great. I eat here about 3 times a week and have never been disappointed.

Rating: 1 /5

Paula Sartain

My family member was removed from this program for prejudice reasons! The roommate that he had, reported false statments to the director of CDU. When my family member was asked about the accusations made he was confused by the remark, and asked what she ment. Her immediate response was that he wpuld be removed for violent threats made to his roommate! He was never goven an opportunity to explain the matter. Though there were witnesses tp say thay my family member did absolutely nothing wrong! Nothing was even investigated, seeing as how my family member has been to the penitentiary and had tattoos. He was immediately seen as the person in the wrong! Before the accusations were made my family member went to the admin and asked to be moved to another room because him and his roommate were not able to agree on things in their care unit. Another thing i would like to point out is the fact that a WOMAN nurse was in charge of his change out, when he asked why he had to remove his clothing she replied that it was for security purposes due to the high volume of contraband being brought into the facility. Then proceded to make him remove all his clothing in front of her! Would this be appropriate for a Male nurse to make a female undress completely in front of him!?? As they were escorting my family member from the facility they gave him his remanding funds and explaind the location of the near by liquor store!! My family member was set out on the streets for an hour before I even knew about him being removed!!!! In the beginning my family member was perceived as pleasant and good hearted and great candidate for being the next group leader. Therefore seeing as how the lady that confronted my family member had never seen or spoke to him before automatically assumed he was guilty and told him he had to leave! I for one am so fed up and sick of the people that are constantly mistreating him for his appearance.

Rating: 5 /5

Linda Thornton

Jeff and Linda Thornton would like for the 300 hall know we love yall and appreciate everything. You all was wonderful to us. And the care my husband received was above and beyond anything we could have asked for. Thank yall so much