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Consumer feedback about Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital

tammy C
tammy C

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

At this hospital, you are treated more like family than just another patient. During my daughter's stay, the staff was very nice and she received the best care . I highly recommend this hospital.

Deborah Wiley
Deborah Wiley

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

During a very long ER visit, my mother was transferred to the "Behavioral Unit", not one time, were we told, we could not stay with her. With my name being on the "Directives", the nurse would pull out my sister to talk to, never discussing anything with me, whose name WAS on the Directives, they didn't even ask. To contact someone in the unit is almost impossible. I waited 2 1/2 hours to see the lady over the "Dementia/Elderly" wing. Still did not make contact, she had sent someone else, in her place. While visiting, my mother sat down to eat someone's left over tray still sitting on one of the dirty tables. I yelled for her not to eat it. After this incident, still no one removed it from the room, it had set there since lunch, visitation was from 4:00 -5:00. I was told there will be a meeting with Dr. Latlif,, Social Worker and Doctor, to discuss taking care of her when she left. All I got was her and a white envelope, telling me the information is in the envelope. After I got her home, she was acting violent, I called to speak again with the social worker, she plainly told me, "We don't do anything after they leave our care." I ask again, how would I know how she acted with only visitation lasting one hour? She raised her voice to tell me again the same thing. I repeated so you don't or won't help me, after she is released? She told me the 3rd time, with a very stern voice, yes! Now I have mother, with no Seroquel, had 3 appointment, where doctor never came back from lunch. She still doesn't see her scheduled doctor for 3 more weeks. NO ONE CARES, it surely was shown that whoever is over Bellefonte Hospital is NOT over the Behavior Unit...the times I visited, I had to entertain staff more then have visits with her. Staff standing around, when I traveled for 1 1/2 to visit my mother, I was to never see those people again. I didn't want to hear, anything but about her condition not their life stories. It became so frustrating that I walked her to her room, only to be threatened that if certain nurses saw this I would be THROWN OUT! I told them if they threw me out, she would go with me, and I meant it. What happened to kind words being spoken? I was told, staff could wash her clothes. She was there 15 days, wore the same dirty clothes every time I saw her. First thing they did was put a diaper on her, this humiliated my mother, she was and is more then capable to use the restroom herself. I've had her for 3 - 4 weeks and she has never had one accident. Going in we were treated like criminals. My mother wasn't arrested, nor did she ever do drugs, but we were treated that way. She has Dementia, she wasn't an addict nor were we...only treated like one. That area of the hospital NEEDS a complete over haul. That smart mouth Social Worker is a smart mouth. When she asks us to be there at 1:00. We were at one, I didn't hold her to it, I know how schedules and hospital are, making sure twice, that they didn't miss a charge. Talking down to me, telling me that , "I never told you that she would get out at 1:00" no she didn't, she told me to be there around 1:00 to have a meeting to get her out of that place. She was so full of herself, she was the only one who put her on a pedalstil. Those Dementia patients laughed at her.