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Ozarks Community Hospital of Gravette

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(479) 787-5291


1101 Jackson St SW, Gravette, AR 72736, USA
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Consumer feedback about Ozarks Community Hospital of Gravette

Rating: 5 /5

Bobby Floyd

The ER and the medical floor staff is exceptional. The ER admitting personnel are friendly, accurate, and quickly got us ready to be seen. The Nurses, Practitioners and Physicians have proven to be professional, caring, and best of all...accurate. It is important that I mention the Housekeeping crew. We were pleasantly surprised at how consistently detailed the staff maintained daily duties while assisting in maintaining patient comfort and privacy. Keep up the good work. We are proud to say OCH Hospital is ours.

Rating: 5 /5

Kerri Cunningham

Best hospital in NWA, quick care, no endless hours of waiting. Pulmonary care is outstanding. Saved my sons life and and forever grateful for the amazing staff here at this hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Reid Hofmann

Don't bother to pay your bill. They don't pay theirs. They owe me $4200.

Rating: 4 /5


Had a solid experience here. Came in with typical tale of kidney stones. Doctor Tribbey was fantastic! He apologized multiple times for him taking awhile to come in and see me but I think all together (from entering the doors until being discharged) I was there from around 8:15 pm until 10:20 pm which I think is an amazing but quick visit to the ER. My only complaint is the lady who takes your vitals - she wouldn't hardly speak and was a little rough honestly with the blood pressure cup and the temp stick. There were a few times that I would speak to her and she'd just simply stand there and say nothing so after about the 2nd time of her just coming in and grabbing my arm for vitals but not speaking, I just decided not to waste my breath either and be silent as well which wasn't pleasant. The male nurse (mind you I have no ones names other than the doctor simply because it's my prescription because everyone failed to introduce them) was nice enough but was kind of hard to understand. He was definitely nicer than the female I mentioned but still didn't seem to enjoy his job in the slightest. Walked in while the lab lady was trying to get an IV and basically shoved a pill and a cup of water in my face without telling me what the tablet was. He came back in after the lab tech left to give me a shot and that's when I asked what pill I had just taken. He acted annoyed that I was asking (as if I should've known I was getting something for the pain bc it wasn't mentioned let alone receiving it orally instead of though an IV) and said it in a snappy tone of voice and then rushed out. Overall the experience was pleasant because I found out what's been bothering me and doctor Tribbery made a solid plan for us to kill the intense bladder infection and to hopefully prevent anymore stones and made me feel as if the choice was mine on if I wanted to take any meds and even which I kind I wanted to take. I didn't want as strong of a pain reliever as he was offering so we settled for something not quite so strong and having that opportunity to be open with the doctor and expressing my concerns with a strong narcotic and being honest about the med I wanted felt great and made me feel very confident in the care I was receiving. Got me hooked up with a shot for the pain, zofran for the nausea, my first round of antibodies and a pain pill all before leaving which i have never had happen before so that really stood out to me. Taking the extra few minutes to go here instead of Mercy was a great decision as I was seen, taken care of and had my pain under control and managed probably in the amount of time that it would have to even get back into a room at Mercy. Will be using this facility in the future if the need ever arises again and will definitely be spreading a good word about it and about Dr. Tribbey himself. Rr R

Rating: 5 /5

sarah holt

Friendly and helpful great with kids and providing information