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P H S Indian Hospital at Browning – Blackfeet?
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P H S Indian Hospital at Browning – Blackfeet

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(406) 338-6140


760 Hospital Circle, Browning, MT 59417, USA
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Consumer feedback about P H S Indian Hospital at Browning – Blackfeet

Rating: 5 /5

Diane Fisher

I was rushed here (50 miles) by ambulance while on vacation when I developed a kidney stone. I received identical treatment to what I would have received at my local hospital in Indiana-only faster. I had a CT Scan almost immediately upon arrival after a thorough history was obtained. I couldn't believe a hospital this size even had one. Everyone in the ER was wonderful during my 5-6 hour treatment. The residents of this community should be proud of this hospital and emergency room.

Rating: 3 /5


Quite a wait even after being admitted Could use work on dental side but other areas are clean and well presentable

Rating: 3 /5

Priscilla Cumminz Charley Roze

Whoever answers the dental part is very RUDE! No manners no respect. Just completely mean don't like your Job to whatever female answers get a new one else where or don't answer the phone I was not mean I was not rude all I was wondering was about something. Or they need to go to school/training on answering phones lol any other part of the hospital they answer with manners/respect an ain't rude at all. Just the dental department... Cheer up no reason to be so mean

Rating: 1 /5

Anna Cree Medicine

ER doctor always short staffed not happy how they treat us all they care about is the money people come here everyday and get turned away and or die when they come here for help

Rating: 1 /5

Shaleigh EagleSpeaker

If your going to this hospital you better clear your day and be prepared to wait for 5+ hours.