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9449 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley, CA 91352, USA
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Consumer feedback about Pacifica Hospital of the Valley

Rating: 5 /5

Dr. Scott Field, MD

I have a few friends that work here. They are passionate about their job. Please understand that when people come into the ER they are going through a tough time. It is a difficult situation to be in, and most doctors do everything they can to help out. My brother does heart surgery, its painful to see anyone go. He wakes up with nightmares. It's a tough job. We understand when you're in pain, its a stressful situation to be in.

Rating: 1 /5

Lindsey Gartin

I went in the ER the day after my boyfriend went in, so most of the nurses recognized me. They latched onto the fact that I've been experiencing abdominal pain, but completely ignored any of my other problems. They hurriedly did all kinds of tests. After about 2 hours there, a doctor walked in, and told me very loudly that there was nothing wrong with my labs and that there's nothing wrong with me, and walked out without allowing me to ask questions. The nurse that brought me my discharge papers was very short with me and rude. I felt so dehumanized, I've been sick for 3 weeks, and supposedly there's nothing wrong with me. I looked over the papers, they didn't even put any of my allergies down. The papers also said "seek immediate medical attention if you experience dizziness" of which I had been experiencing. I've been to a lot of hospitals in the valley but this is by far the worst. I even called in to complain but it fell on deaf ears. EDIT: I ended up going back a few weeks after this, and was hospitalized for 3 days. While I was still in the ER, I had 4 nurses attempt to stick an IV in me, and because I'm often a hard stick, they ended up poking me 7 different times in both my arms, and then they decided to put the IV in my foot. After many hours of not knowing what they were going to do, they finally said they were have me stay. The lady who usually works at the front desk brought some papers saying "Okay so you are going to be put upstairs" but the way she said it sounded like she meant to say "that's what you wanted, isn't it?". Finally I was put in a room. I really hate to say this but I felt like none of my nurses spoke really proper English, so they didn't entirely know what I was saying. They allowed my visitors to stay past hours which was really kind of them, I'll give them that. On my second day there, without warning they decided to tell me that I couldn't eat all day, and was put on a nutrient IV. I asked every nurse why they decided this, and each one gave me a different answer. Eventually I was told I MIGHT be meeting with a surgeon the next morning. I didn't. The next day I was able to eat, finally. When the doctor came to do an examination, I told him where he was pressing hurt, and he replied "oh you don't feel pain". I was discharged with no prescription, no follow up plan besides to see my PCP, and only ONE paper for discharge. When I went to my PCP, she asked me "you stayed there 3 days and all they gave you was one paper?" DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL.

Rating: 5 /5

erick navarro

I think this hospital takes a bad rap. it all has to do with the fact that every case is different. My Dad has been there for a while now and they have been good I mean they are human and there has been thing beyond their control. the staff there is super friendly and always have been very attentive. its a old building but always very clean all the SUB ACUTE PERSONEL IS GREAT they do activities to the patients keep them entertained take them on trips like to Getty museum the beach and other places. you really have to look at all the good they do. And not knock them for what they cant provide due to resources.

Rating: 1 /5

Asrar Ben

The worst hospital I've ever been too. First time I got there in 2010 the lady gave me a tour and asked me why don't I just schedule a C-section. The nurses there were talking about me right behind my door, saying this is what happens when you wait after 41weeks. I was exactly 41 After having a C-section which I believe could have been avoided. The other nurse would exhale Everytime Asked for something. They kept rushing me to walk and when I finally did to take a shower, the water was cold. They didn't help at all.

Rating: 1 /5

Richard Barrett

Horrible experiences at the E.R here. This place should be shutdown or have new management. They should be sued until something is done to improve it.