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95 S Pagosa Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147, USA
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Consumer feedback about Pagosa Springs Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Barbara Medina

I recently moved here and I am pleased to have the Medical center so close. Today I saw Dr. Julie Buchner for the first time. She is professional and thorough and very friendly. Her nurse and all the staff members I met were welcoming and efficient.

Rating: 1 /5

Blake Fullerton

Rude nurse, doctor wasn't any better,condescending attitudes from both. Worst ER experience ever. If I could give you no stars or even negative stars..I would. Update: I was contacted by the administration of the hospital after posting on their own website a similar review. They did apologize for the way we were treated.

Rating: 5 /5


I'm an RN and had to go into the ER for respiratory difficulties. Dr Robert Halterman took care of me and I can't remember the name of the knowledgeable RN that was so kind. All I know is she was from California . True professional team. Unbelievable. Even the X-ray tech was great.I will never forget this place. I actually thought I was dying. I walked out feeling so much better. I feel great this morning. Pagosa Springs is so lucky to have these wonderful people as employees. Bless them all!!!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Clemma Nash

Dr. Wisniski was the best! My friend had a serious issue while we were visiting here. It was a blessing in disguise as I believe his condition was improperly diagnosed previously. Lydia the RN was great as well as all the staff. Food was amazing for a hospital. Dr. T in the ER was great. I can't believe how lucky Pagosa is to have this wonderful facility with great medical care.

Rating: 1 /5

Steve Bass

I am a 50 years old male with a wife and two grown children. I mention this to point our that over the years I have had my fair share of experience with doctors visits. In the last year my wife has had an abnormal amount of doctors visits due to 7 strokes, diabetes and hypertension, so much of my experience is recent and with Pagosa Springs Medical. I would also like to point out that we have been self pay sense 1999. I recently scheduled an appoint to have my shoulder looked at, because of rotator cuff pain from an old sports injury. I have been seen 4 times in 30 years for this. As a persuasion the doctor ordered ex rays to make sure there wasn't any degeneration of the joint, which there was not. A decision was made to inject my shoulder with a cortisone shot. The treatment took about 15 minutes and untimely did not work. My complaint however, is not that the treatment didn't work or that the treatment only took 15 minutes, or that I had to pay for ex-rays when I knew what the problem was. I am okay with all of that, the service was good, the staff was friendly. My issue was the bill revived a week later for $500, this was not the total bill, the $500 was only for the doctors visit,. There was additional charges for ex-rays, radiologist, and for the cortisone which total $301. I have no problem with the $301. Granted, in hindsight I should have asked upfront, but $500 is a absurd amount of money for a doctors visit, it's not that we can't afford it, we are fortunate that we are in a place in life were $500 has no effect to our financial well being. Strictly out of principle I refuse to pay this bill. Of all the specialist my wife has seen in the past 6 month, which includes 3 specialist at this facility and 4 specialist in Durango, and 2 specialist in Colorado Springs. She has seen two Endocrinologist, Retinoligist, Ophthalmologist, two neurologist, Internal medical doctor, glaucoma specialist and a Speech Pathologist. With all these doctors and every other doctor my family has ever seen in past 30 years not one of those doctors charged over $200 for the basic visit they probably averaged $150. $500 is absolutely ludicrous. I believe anyone should be able to charge whatever they want, however if they are charging 4 times the average doctor they should make patients aware ahead of the time. It would be no different then going to your dentist who has been cleaning your teeth for 10 years for $200, but on the next visit the charge you $1000 for the same work without notifying you prior to the treatment.