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Consumer feedback about Parrish Medical Center

Rating: 3 /5

Jessica Warrick

I went for an ultrasound. There was a patient in room 1 so my tech took us to room 2, upon entering the room another tech came in and rudely kicked us out of the room saying she needed it for a procedure. We then went into the hall and waited for room 1. My tech who I assume was new there was amazing. She took her time with us and explained things to us as she went along. Without warning the rude tech came in and took over the ultrasound, hinted that the previous tech didn't know what she was doing in front of her and us. Which is very unprofessional. She did try to be more friendly than she was previously but you know what they say about first impressions. I didn't get their names but the tech we had has a lovely accent and the other is a blond with an attitude. The cleaning staff was extremely friendly too.

Rating: 1 /5

Peb Kit

My husband has to have a lung biopsy in the next week. His physician wants him to have 2 tests done. I called Parrish Hospital to get information about these 2 tests. I called three times that day and got a recording. I left a voice mail on the first try. The next day mid-afternoon (I thought I would give them time to call back) I tried again, got a recording and left a second message. I then called the operator and said that I keep getting recordings, and asked if I could speak to an actual person in billing. Her response was, "They could be with customers, leave a message". I explained that I did leave a message and have tried calling back several times for 2 days. She then had the nerve to say I should come in with my issue. Really? You're about 30 miles away and I have enough to deal with right now thank you. 😡 To this day I have not received a call back. I was going to say that I wouldn't take my dog to this hospital, but that goes without saying, but I wouldn't take my pet cockroach there... if I had one. It's a very pretty building, but don't let that fool you.

Rating: 5 /5

Tripster Whipster

From the moment we walked in until we left EVERY single care giver was genuinely kind and sincere. ER. Dr. Garcia is hands down the best. His bedside manner is phenomenal—the way he breaks down scary terms into easy to understand words left us both assured and educated about the diagnose and how to resolve it. Plus, he asked multiple times if we had any questions and if we did, he really listened!!! It only took just shy of 3 hours to get checked in, seen by the doctor, tests ordered and completed, diagnosis and a discharge!!!! ! So impressed that I decided to write a thank you letter. To put the icing on the cake the ER Dr. Garcia folllwed up with a phone call the next morning!!! Who does that??? It really is a wonderful feeling when you know you are not just a number. Keep up the excellent work!!!! Even if it had taken longer, which I’m sure it could depending on how busy they are, when you get treated with dignity and respect—it transcends beyond wait time!!

Rating: 1 /5

Angie Manning

Most horrific place to encounter. Billing office has avoided my call and my bill dispute for months!!! Terry from business office was very rude and refused to give me information that was public knowledge. The didn't even ask for insurance information at the time of the visit, they allowed a minor child to be treated. Ignorance! You can bet they wouldn't treat George or Liz this way. Yet they mistreat the community that supports them. Shame on you PMC!!!

Rating: 2 /5

Me Andyou

I can see why this hospital has only three stars. Some of the staff are very nice, and others are rude jerks. When you enter, if you are a lady, they don't care what condition you are in, bleeding to death, or can't breathe, they are going to rifle through your purse as you come in the door, no matter what else is happening. But if you are a man, you can enter with a gun in your waistband or a weapon in your pocket because the security people only check handbags, they did not check the men in any way. That was dumb, misogynistic and rude. They had an EMT at triage, and he was rude too. When I said my O2 cannula was too tight, and I tried to loosen it, he rudely took it upon himself to yell at me, "You need to calm down and leave that alone!" Um, no, it's my face, and I'll do whatever I want with what is on my face, whether that jerk likes it or not, if I say it is too tight, then it is too tight, and will be removed. They really need a briefer on patient rights, they appeared not to know patients even had any rights! But we do, and in my treatment room I saw that they had printed up a page entitled "patient rights" and put it on the counter, but they didn't give it to me. When I asked to have it passed to me, so that I could read it, they refused, saying I would get that at discharge. The doctor did an insufficient exam, only cursory exam, briefly listening to my chest, not even checking lymph nodes or looking down my throat. When I told him that after waiting for 3 hours in the waiting room I was suffering from a back ache as well, instead of saying, "I'll ask a nurse to bring you a pillow" this self aggrandizing and arrogant little jerk said instead, "Next time bring a pillow". Yeah, because everybody stops for a pillow when they are rushing to the hospital because they have an emergency. So, then, I never saw him again. The nurse, named Bliss, was pleasant enough, but all she did for me was prime my IV line, and she didn't prime it very well, as I watched quite a few bubbles flowing into it. Seriously, since you must take the time to prime it, you might as well prime it right. The gentleman who started my IV was a paramedic named Roger, and he did a fantastic job of it, starting it as painlessly as possible, on the first stick. But then he didn't secure it adequately, so that the first time I moved my arm, it blew my vein. Then there was a lovely little nurse named Jordaine and she was very and so was the respiratory therapist, Theresa, and a wonderful XRay tech. So, mixed review, there are some real jerks working over there, and some incompetents, and some rude people, and some nice competent ones too.