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400 N McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA 94954, USA
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Consumer feedback about Petaluma Valley Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Emily Boyle

Was on my way way home from a giants baseball game in SF when I developed symptoms of a "migraine"? Maybe? Dehydration? Not exactly sure because I wasn't able to be seen.. anyway, I was driving and suddenly the pain became unbearable, mind you I have given birth to two children and still can't explain this type of pain. I pulled off the freeway and started vomiting uncontrollably. When I was finally able to stop vomiting my husband started driving and I told him I couldn't stand the pain. And to take me to the nearest hospital. I couldn't talk I was just crying and crying and rocking back and forth trying to bear it. I'm surprised I didn't pass out. I couldn't even drink water. I've never experienced something this scary. We finally made it to the ER here. I vomited once again before going in. I couldn't talk so my husband told her what was going on and all she said, with a dirty smug look on her face was "Were very busy...." nothing more. When I then tried to tell her the severity of the situation she again said "I just want you to know that we're very busy" and that was it... in the rudest tone possible! that's the type of care you receive when you're in dire need of medical attention? Is this not an EMERGENCY room?? Ridiculous!! This woman was terrible. Whoever was checking people in on 9/3/2017 around 9pm... there were a couple people who checked in in front of me. No one who seemed to be having too serious of a medical issue. No one in any obvious pain in the waiting room. Here I am drenched in tears hardly able to speak and I can't get any help. Never coming back to this place and definitely will be calling to complain more. DO NOT GO TO THIS ER IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO BE HELPED. They're much friendlier in Santa Rosa..

Rating: 2 /5

Rocky Graciano

Got the ER at 2:30 a.m.-ish during a weekday. One Filipina nurse was rude and unkind. The outgoing desk clerk in the front, a long dark haired morbidly obese lady, was also rude. Don't sign anything there unless you can review the material first or just leave. The rest of the staff was nice and helpful.

Rating: 1 /5

Tanya Dunphy

Petaluama Valley is very unreasonable about there billing. We went for an emergency visit and never received a bill. We keep waiting and instead of contacting us directly they sent us to collections. I finally had to call to get a bill. I called them back after receiving the bill asking if we could do a payment plan with them they refused. Now we have to pay the collection agency. They are very unkind when it comes to people who are will to pay there bill.

Rating: 1 /5

Sherry Varela

If I could give them 0 stars I would. I went in with a high fever severe migraines and body aches and told them I was in methadone and they assumed I wanted pain meds which is completely wrong on their part. Come to find out later on I had a really bad UTI urinary tract infection and that is what caused the fever and everything else maybe if they would've taken the time to check my urine they'd know that instead of turning me away after only being there a short time maybe I was there 29 minutes at the most all they wanted to do was get rid of me. Even the doctor I saw at Petaluma Health said she noticed they didn't do anything for me. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone I have to go all the way to Sutter in Santa Rosa to get good treatment

Rating: 5 /5

Christian Bryant

I had an endoscopy procedure performed and was treated with care throughout the entire process. The hospital staff is outstanding, the doctors are top notch I could not find anything wrong.