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417 W 3rd Ave, Albany, GA 31701, USA
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Consumer feedback about Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

lisa b

Honestly if I could put no stars I would. My boyfriend got into a bad accident and had to go here. He ended up with several broken bones and they only found a few in one of his hands yet his other hand (that he complained about the whole time) was also broken. He had blood clots from the accident that they never found which is why he had so much pain in one leg and he couldn't walk much. They shrugged all of it off thinking he just couldn't handle the pain and pretty much drugged him up the whole time. He can't remember the whole hospital stay at all. This hospital needs to get shut down ASAP! Never go there for ANY reason. We'll never go back no matter what.

Rating: 5 /5

Sara Watson

I never thought I'd give this hospital such a great review, but our resent experience at phoebe putney was excellent! My Daughter (4) had tubes placed in both ears this past week and Doctor magalie Nelson-charles was the surgeon. We were kept informed about everything before, during and after the procedure. The entire staff was a pleasure and the bedside manor we were shown was top notch!

Rating: 1 /5


Inarguably the worst hospital I have ever been too. Many years ago, I had to wait in the waiting room so long with stomach pain that my appendix burst. 3 hours in the waiting room! For the past several months, my father has had to go in for surgeries. Each time, after surgery :"your room isn't ready" -WTH??? My father is current there and has been there for 5 days now. He is completely dehydrated. We were asking why he hadn't had any IV fluids and kept getting told (for hours) "we are waiting for the hospitalist to approve it." I should be sending Phoebe a bill for all of the times the nurses asked me for help hooking up O2, moving my father on and off a gurney, moving him in his bed. The 4th floor nursing staff (save for 2 nurses) act as if they cannot be bothered to be there. We were unfortunate enough to be there over Thanksgiving one wanted to be there. I could go on and on and on. Everyone knows phoebe is the worst. Just look at their metrics they have posted in their hallways. petty as this is...the Starbucks inside phoebe....we were told "we don't make coffee, order something else."

Rating: 1 /5

Dani Fallin

My sister is 19 weeks pregnant, she has had a previous miscarriage in her last pregnancy. This afternoon she started developing the same symptoms as her previous misscarrege. We made a phone call to her nurse on call with her OBGYN who enformed is to get her to the hospital as fast as we could. The closest hospital was the phoebe north on palmyra, get her there and the lady behind the desk insist to she waits because “we don’t have a labor and delivery”. So I am furious at this point. In that point and time I made a rash decision to take her to the main phoebe. When we arrive I figured they would take her straight up to labor and delivery due to her situation... I be fooled if we are still not waiting in the waiting room or the ER while my sister might be having another miscarriage. I despise this hospital with my all and cannot wait until they build the one in LEE CO. Screw this hospital it’s a joke.

Rating: 5 /5

Heather straight

The reviews I have read are so unfair to my experience...I was there yesterday in so much pain with my back. I'm from out of town and been to many hospitals, this by far was one of the better hospitals Ive been to. They treated me with respect. They listened to my needs and everything that was wrong. They did take people ahead of me but its an emergency room. When your sitting there you have no idea what's going on in the back. So I just wanted to write this to say thank u so very much for treating me like a human being and giving me accurate and complete care. I couldn't be more satisfied