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Consumer feedback about Physicians Regional Medical Center - Pine Ridge

mike nussman
mike nussman

4 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I have to give the nurses and doctors I've dealt with a 5 but the overall score was knocked down to an 80.They over billed me and charged me services that according to BCBS I am not responsible for.They have acknowledged that and still waiting on the $1760 refund.Other than that, a top notch facility with great people. ***UPDATE*** The patent advocate contacted me and the issue was resolved in a couple of days.THANK YOU.I never hope to be admitted again at any Hospital but make it a point to get my yearly test here by choice.So 4.5 stars.

Amanda John
Amanda John

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

My 5 year old son had oral surgery on his teeth here. I can not say enough about how great they were with my son. He was so scared and they comforted him and made him feel safe. They were also very funny and made him smile. I was able to be there with him when he woke up from the anesthesia to comfort him. Great with kids and great overall experience.

Joan Newman
Joan Newman

2 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Doctors I think are excellent but this hospital is awful. Make sure you have a family member with the patient the whole time. Takes a hour to get a glass of water,getting a blanket,a lot of staff does not wash hands going from one room to another.
Half the time you do not know if your talking to a nurse or a tech(fancy word CNA)or the person that cleans the room.
This hospital is a far cry from the hospitals we have gone to in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area.
May have to pick a doctor in Lee County.

Patricia Piccuirro
Patricia Piccuirro

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I have been unfortunate enough to have been admitted to this hospital on more then one occasion (more like 4 times). Getting admitted takes about 45 min. then you have to go to another desk and wait there. All policies and procedures are not patient friendly. There are people mulling around doing nothing while you wait.
My first problem started November of 2017. I had a pacemaker put in then went to Cardiac recovery overnight. The nurse on duty told me I could have 1 Tylenol for the pain I was experiencing. I told him Tylenol doesn't work for me, he said, "That's all you get". The next day I found out my Doctor had prescribed a much stronger pain medicine, the nurse decided not to give it to me. (What was the nurse doing with the pain killers he was not giving patients). Later that day the pacemaker failed and I had to have a 2nd pacemaker surgery. I refused to to back to Cardiac recovery so my Doctor made sure I had a different nurse and that they understood about my medications before he left. Trying to get released the next day took over 3 hours. 8 weeks later the second pacemaker failed and I needed another pacemaker surgery. This time my Doctor ordered home health care. My Dr. told the nurse on duty to order my home health care to start immediately. (This conversation was in my presents). She never put the order through. I was home alone for 4 days before I finally got a phone call back.
The point of my describing all of this is to let you know this is not just one bad experience it is a HOSPITAL FULL OF ISSUES. These issues will never get fixed. I filed a complaint with the patient advocate but that was to no avail.
Stay clear of Physicians Regional on Pine Ridge rd, in Naples, Florida

Denis LeClair
Denis LeClair

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I had to bring my son to the emergency room tonight. I have never met a more caring group of individuals at any other hospital. Even though the ER was packed, we were taken in quickly. Dr. Brown was so attentive and listened to us and really cared about our son. I felt like he had our best interests at heart. I highly recommend the entire staff at Physicians Regional.

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