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Consumer feedback about Piedmont Henry Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Mike M

Game over, you have died of dysentery! The ER smells like a homeless shelter full of pungent body odor, probably because it is. Free TV and A/C. Disregard the online waiting time. That's only how long it takes for them to ask your name and problem. Then wait a minimum of 6 hours. Do yourself a favor, if you think you are dying, just do it in your home in peace rather than this ER. A year later and nothing has changed. Father in law spent the day there in pain. They guesses, appendix, gall bladder, kidney infection and so on. Gave him some pain management and sent him on his way. They do not solve medical problems here, they just try to keep you alive long enough to send you to another doctor. I wouldn't doubt if that's their policy because of our health care system and people gaming it.

Rating: 5 /5

Lethriaonna Sherman

I was admitted at this hospital for six days. I can not say thank you enough to the staff doctor Evens and the staff on first floor room 1112 . They treated me better then I think they treat their on family. That was all staff house keeping on up thank you from bottom of my heart words can't express how much y'all's care did for me. God Bless Merry Christmas

Rating: 1 /5

Constance Abbott Ministries

I am currently sitting with my 85 yr old grandmother who has been diagnosed with flu two weeks ago. Had to bring her back and we have been sitting with in waiting for hours. She is coughing and sluggish and no one seems to be concerned. Lord God, this is shameful. Do better, I thought Peidmont would bring a higher level of care. Lord help us out here. Getting worse while sitting in the ER.

Rating: 1 /5

joan russell

I have been sitting in the emergency room for 8 hours with my daughter waiting to be seen. This is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone connected to the emergency room should be terminated immediately. It is now 2:30am and we are still waiting. Why?

Rating: 5 /5

Genesis H.

I took my mom here to the emergency room after she fell and hurt her foot and leg and they were wonderful. The total time in and out the door was just 2 hours, and everyone was polite and professional. It appears to be a new facility (I just moved here so I'm not familiar). It is also very clean. The only downside was the hospital food was bland, but not much is expected from hospital food😀