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Consumer feedback about Piedmont Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Marnique Thompson

I am beyond disgusted with this hospital. My sister came into the emergency room at this hospital on 1/9/18. Things seemed to be semi decent, until they put my sister in a room that had not been properly cleaned. The bathroom had blood all over the toilet. When my sister made a complaint to ED staff and asked to be moved, she was told that if she wanted her room cleaned they would have to delay her treatment. Are you serious? Where is Joint Commission when you need them? Don’t worry though, we will be definitely filing a complaint and making sure that things like this isn’t swept under the rug. Patients are suppose to be treated with dignity and respect. The sanitation of the environment that these patients come in contact with should at all times be up to medical standards. Allowing your patient to even step foot into a room that’s unclean is putting them at risk. Luckily my sister has made note of every staff member and taken pictures.

Rating: 1 /5

Bernadette Snyder

Well needless to say I am extremely disappointed in this hospital and their staff. My brother was contacted by his doctor and told to get to the emergency room stat. They were going to admit him asap. We arrived 30 minutes later (@ 7pm). When we arrive there may have been 4 people in the waiting area. Why is it 11:40 PM and we are still waiting to go to a room and see a doctor. REALLY! !!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Russell Powell

Never have I had security tell me a Funeral Home here to remove a deceased person for a family , GOOD LUCK ! They do not help or assist you on finding the correct room. They are fine with you rolling up and down the wrong hallway for other families to see ! One would think they cared more for the families visiting their facility!! The Carelink department are very kind and helpful every time! Thank You Carelink ! Security not so much !!

Rating: 1 /5

Jeff Johnson

The way that Piedmont pushes the hospital-based testing vs much less expensive Outpatient testing is despicable. Hospital billed tests cost you and your insurance company thousands more.. And Piedmont physicians will try to push you that direction. Resist! Call an outpatient imaging center. Until Piedmont quits being so greedy it is worth checking into!

Rating: 5 /5

Rebecca Johnson

I am in Atlanta as a visitor from Pittsburgh, Pensylvania. I went to the Emergency Room yesterday for some issues that weren't resolving and I couldn't wait until I got back to Pittsburgh since it'll be over 2 weeks away. I was hesitant to seek help in a foreign city, but decided to go to Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. The Emergency Department was clean, friendly, and I quickly starting receiving treatment and laboratory and diagnostic testing. The physicians and nurses I encountered were competent, attentive, and congenial. I have been a nurse for over 36 years and a Family Nurse Practitioner for 22 years and have worked in and have been a patient in many hospitals. Special thanks to Dr. Nichols in the ER and Valery, RN, in the ER. They are excellent! This is an excellent facility! Thank you!!!