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3.8 Rating 3.8
49 reviews

About Pine Creek Medical Center

Pine Creek Medical Center is a private, physician-owned facility serving the communities of Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex.
The hospital provides a full range of services for both inpatient and outpatient, in addition to full diagnostic services including imaging, radiology, and laboratory.
Pine Creek Medical Center covers a wide range of specialties including cardiology, oncology, surgical services, rehabilitation, and physical therapy.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals Rating 3.8
(49 reviews)

Marilu Silva

This facility is a joke, my husband was in the worse care from anesthesia to the recovery nurse. They had 0 tolerance of Bed side manners. They treat you as if you owe them something more then just paying thousands and thousands of dollars. His specialty surgeon and PA were amazing but the hospital privileges there were awful. It’s not a state accredited facility if you ask me. You’ll receive much better care at Parkland Hospital! Stay away! You’ve been warned!

Eric Ware

Pine Creek was a God Sent. Everyone one there was topnotch and they made me feel like I was in the best possible hands. I had a a total knee replacement recently and I would highly recommended this facility. I want to personally thank everyone for the excellent service I received during my stay at Pine Creek. You are all the best at what you do and you are now a member of my family. Thanks so much, Eric Ware

Cindy Stuart - Real Estate Agent

Everyone from the reception to post op was very helpful and sweet. My husband’s thumb surgery was performed by Dr Patel who did a great job. Highly recommend Pine Creek and Dr. Patel!

laurie bishop

This facility ( not a hospital) failed from get go. Pre test was not checked before I left. Had to return, was told no charge for redo. But was and they refuse to fix. Friend was left in lobby 2 hrs after Dr. talked to her. She finally came found me in my room. Nurse staff advised and went against Dr. orders for therapy. I suggest everyone go to a actual hospital, not a Dr. owned facility

Carla Flores

My husband had shoulder surgery there and they had him arrive at 7 AM but did not do the pre open till 10 & surgery until 11. That was a bit flustrating, but in all they took pretty good care of him. Except I did find it odd that they had him mark his own arm as to which one was going to be having the surgery..kinda made me wonder ??? But everything did go well. Also I do have to add that the little cafe in this hospital had a very good lunch today ; me and my daughter loved the butter nut squash . The cafe workers were very nice .