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Consumer feedback about Pottstown Memorial Medical Center

Denise Roberts
Denise Roberts

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

My sister-in-law was admitted here, about a month ago, they have been very kind to both her and my Brother and are doing everything, in their power to cure her.
We feel confident that she is in good hands.
The facility is clean and they have a very
Nice cafe, and I was greeted with happy faces!


1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I will never ever go back to this place! Dr.Miller in the ER prescribed me Valium while I was nursing my baby right in the ER in front of her. I asked her several times if it was safe to take while nursing and she said “yes” and had the nurse administer it to me because I was dizzy. Come to find out when I got the script from the pharmacy it clearly states “DO NOT TAKE WHILE PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING.” I called back to the ER and spoke to my nurse who called up to their pharmacy at the hospital and they said “you must pump up to 24 hours after taking that medication.” Well it was too late by this time, I had already been administered the Valium in the hospital that morning and nursed my baby the entire time I was there. How hard was it to call up to the pharmacy and ask if it was safe to take while nursing if Dr.Miller didn’t know? Very disgusted. Will never go back and do not suggest anyone trust what the doctors tell you there. I guess GOOGLE would have come in handy this day to tell me that I wasn’t supposed to be taking a medication that the doctor perscribed.

Fran Knebels
Fran Knebels

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Went to the ER for cutting my finger. Sat in a room for 2 hours. Saw they doctor an nurse for a total of 15 minutes. Doctor stated, no stitches, and send me home after the nurse wrapped my finger in gauze. $700 bill. what a rip off. do not send your family here.

Kenneth Mykel Smith
Kenneth Mykel Smith

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

L&D staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They were great at answering first-time parent questions and were prepared to deliver a baby without a doctor there. Can't say enough about these people.

Jay Chen
Jay Chen

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Don't recommend coming here for the ER, you're better off at an urgent care facility. Arrived at the ER with my mother having chest pains, lightheadness and almost passing out. Got here at 6ish, sign in, triage, getting her to a room was quick. Bunch of people came in, ran some tests, NP was going to administer electrolytes and other IVs, nurse administered saline- and then they were abducted by aliens, because they went missing. Was told 30 minutes for results, so I sat and waited. I noticed that saline was out, and here I thought the nurse would check- nope, I waited 45 minutes for her to check, never came in, I told her, she waited about another 45 to come in to hang another bag. The I bugged her for results, and she said they came in a while ago as negative, and they're giving her more saline.

Then saline runs out again, waiting here for another bag, umm nope, I bug the nurse, she comes in after another hour of waiting, unplugs the IV, tells me the doctor will be in shortly.

Waited for another hour, and here I was asking a different nurse where the hell did the doctor went. She went to ask, and a different doctor came in, tried to discharge her, so I questioned.. where in the world did you explain the results, and are you really just giving a patient saline for those experienced symptoms. She goes, "I'm going to go look for that doctor that you had earlier.

Here I was, sitting here waiting. Still waiting for some doctor to discharge my mother, or maybe go over the results, or perhaps administer some electrolytes and other IVs that were promised about 4-5 hours ago.

Just trying to get my mom home so she can go to bed in a better environment, instead of having her lay her in a rock solid bed with doctors that just disappear off the radar.

Doctor finally arrives, after my mother has been hungry- for hours, all due to waiting. Comes in, explains results, tries to discharge her. Nothing prescribed, nothing to help, she's still dizzy. So here I am, with my minimal knowledge asks her for some valium to help with the dizziness, she's gone, it's been like 15 minutes, and I'm really hoping she's still on earth and she'll come back.

Overall, poor patient care, long waiting hours, no explaination of results, no checking up on patients, saw hospital staff for 15 minutes out of 5 hours, all before they all got on a boat and sailed off the edge of the world. I could've diagnosed her myself and helped her with her symptoms with my mediocre medical knowledge from Grey'a Anatomy. (Which I did). Instead of coming here, give me a call, I'll be more effective than here.

My mother's result? Left here hungry and same condition as she entered. Sort of angry too.

Update, got the medication. I did myself a favor looking through the discharge paperwork, I found that the results were back at 6:30 PM at the latest, took a doctor until 11:40 to explain results.

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