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Consumer feedback about Poudre Valley Hospital

Rating: 3 /5

Magdalene P

The inpatient experience was fine but having to come to the hospital very frequently for labs is not as fine due to the difficulty at the entry way! Being impaired and needing a wheelchair, the main entrance is the pits! It is small and there are usually a number of cars. There is only a very small area without a curb and there are both drop-offs and pick-ups happening. It would be good to have a separate door for either one so that the congestion of the cars and pedestrians as well as patients would not be so difficult.

Rating: 5 /5

P Kaitz

I have to concur with some of these reviews below. While I received good care, their billing processes are shady. Usually in a hospital you've got two bills — one for the hospital and another for the physicians group. I received care but didn't have my insurance information available. I had coverage, and intended to provide this information to the hospital. My cell number was put on a non-stop call list by the hospital accounts receivable department or their designates. As a result, I took steps to ensure that neither the hospital not the physicians group be paid. Of course you want individuals who provide you services to be paid, and you want the hospital to be remunerated too because good people work there. While the primary interest of physicians and hospital employees is not in their finance department, knowing what tactics the hospital uses should impel them to take an interest. For all of those of you who are worried about unpaid hospital bills and how this may affect your credit, know that the credit scoring models and potential credit providers largely discount healthcare-related derogatory credit? Why? Because everybody has it, and everyone knows you get shafted if you don't have insurance. In other words don't pay it; they'll send it to collection but that's all they can you. You also have the right to require them to cease contacting you, immediately. Get a live voice, be it the hospital finance department or the collection agency whoever, ask them to stop contacting you. They're required by law to do so, and they may be subject to penalties if they don't. Don't let those bills stress you out. If you can't pay them, you can't pay them.

Rating: 1 /5


Poor care by nursing staff. Didn't administer medication because it wasn't in the proper container. Lack of information ahead of time. I would recommend the surgeon but not the hospital staff.

Rating: 1 /5


I can only complain about the care provided at the ER. My boyfriend broke his collar bone in a biking accident and was taken to Poudre Valley. The staff that was taking care of him were cold and we're only interested in getting him out. There was no sympathy, no good diagnosis. They put him in a sling, told him he would be fine without surgery, gave him Percocet for pain killers and told him to leave. It sucked because he was in so much pain, we ended going to another hospital, where they informed us that he needed surgery, as his collar bone was broken in 3 parts. I am very disappointed with Poudre Valley ER, it didn't have to come down to seeking care in a different hospital if they could have handled the situation better. Not to mention the ridiculous expensive bill, and for what? I felt like it wasn't worth it.

Rating: 1 /5

Jamie Britts

Dealing with the billing department was a horrible experience. Still paying off a bill for delivering there (with no complications). They so kindly set me up a payment plan for $208 every month for the next 2 YEARS. I even had insurance (picked the plan with our Human Resources department in preparation for delivery). Can not count the hours and amount of diffent people I spoke with. No one says the same thing and when you finally get to a supervisor, they tell you they will call you back and NEVER do. I will do anything I can not to give them anymore of my money.