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3200 Providence Dr, Anchorage, AK 99508, USA
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Consumer feedback about Providence Alaska Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Greg Groeneweg

Imaging Center in Providence. They are great! I mean they schedule as quickly as they can, they will see you early if it works out because you are there early for your appointment. All the technitions I have experienced were very friendly and took the time to guide me through the experience. They are professional, efficient, respectful, personable and kind...what more could I ask for? Thank you, highly recommend!

Rating: 1 /5

Christina Waychoff

Some of the staff is ok but for the most part it seems like they just want the money rather then the patients. 4 kids now and each time it's another reason of why we have to stay extra nights. Just because we tried leaving with our newborn 36hrs after birth they threatend us by saying their gonna call cps on us. Definitely going somewhere else for now on.

Rating: 5 /5

Connie Coffman

Wonderful care for my father's last few days. They all really cared about our father and about the experience we were going through as he was leaving this world. They explained every step and helped us to understand what was happening and which important steps to make next. We were exhausted and heartbroken but all the nurses and doctors were there to comfort us and help us through. I was grateful that they called him by name and treated him with respect even though he was unconscious. Even the doctors and nurses had tears at one point or another. They did all they could do and we're so accommodating to us. When it came time to say goodbye they all came in together as the life support was turned off. They paid their respects and let us have our own time. These are people who care. Thank you

Rating: 1 /5

Sk Sk

Customer Service is Lacking I placed a call to Providence Hospital. My call was answered by an operator who did not introduce himself, spoke in fragmented, incoherent sentences and ignored/misunderstood everything I've asked off him. He then transfers me to a department completely unrelated to my question. The call was answered by Lou Ann in the Pediatric department. I asked her my question thinking that this operator has transferred me to her because she was able to help me. After hearing my request Lou Ann places me on hold for nine minutes. After being on hold for nine minutes she comes back and asks why I was calling again. Then she says "Sorry, can't help you. You've got the wrong department. Good bye." click...

Rating: 1 /5

Greg Swanson

Simply the worst most inhumane hospital and medical staff I have ever encountered in my life. I was a homeless mentally ill drug addict at that time and was treated as though my life had zero value to this facility on numerous occasions. My girlfriend at the time became pregnant with twin boys and was also a mentally ill person. When she found out she was pregnant (from Providence) she attempted to stop taking some of her psychiatric meds that may have been harmful to the fetuses. This caused her to be rushed into Providence Hospitals Psych ER 3 months later where, knowing she was pregnant, still injected her with a strong dose of Haldol. Shortly afterwards the Haldol caused her to miscarry the babies at her residence and she almost bled to death lying on her bathroom floor. Because of her psychosis and my not being her husband and a homeless drug addict, neither of us were capable of building a malpractice case against this facility and the doctor who murdered our children in cold blood. On numerous other occasions their ER staff and security officers endangered my life and I'm sure plenty of other homeless lives by tossing them out the doors, even during inclement weather and/or subzero temperatures. I am now clean 4yrs and working. I am no longer homeless and live in another state. Even though these traumatic events were years ago now, I am still haunted by how a hospital could treat human lives like they are no better than stray animals or not worth saving. I pray God forgives those staff whom worked at this facility during those dark days.