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About Providence Memorial Hospital

The Hospitals of Providence has been serving the El Paso community since 1902. Since this time the hospital developed to become a leader in healthcare innovation as the first robotic single-site surgical procedure through da Vinci®, first minimally invasive MAKOplasty joint replacement, first heart procedure using the advanced Magellan system, first state-of-the-art 3D mammography, first to offer the GetWell network to patients, and first Military Liaison program. The hospital is equipped with 500 beds and it is specialized in cancer care, maternity, orthopedics, weight loss surgery, world-class surgery, heart care, orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, and women’s health.

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(119 reviews)

Renee Lozano

I went to the hospital because I’m a young adult who was trying to figure out what has been going on with me. I went to Del sol where I saw the nurse 1 time and not even the doctor saw me and assumed I was there for pain meds. I drove all the way to memorial because I got tired of being dismissed. It turned out I had a bad infection. I refused morphine instead all I wanted was medicine to help me get better Louis Torres treated me so kind and Thoroughly went over everything with me. My nurse was so amazing Marcy. Torres Explained my labs to me. I don’t understand the bad reviews because all the nurses there are so kind even just asking one one for a glass of water considering how busy the are took the time to give me that instead of pointing where. People need get that emergency rooms are packed with sick people and nurses, assistants, doctors are all doing the best they all can. I remember hearing emergency codes being called over the intercom numerous of times but never did it impose on my health. With out all the nurses and stuff and doctors who work there we’d be with out the kindness that this hospital provides. Thank you also to Frank the tech who asked if I was okay or if I was cold and needed another blanket. The little things count. And taking your time is what needs to be done to get my health done the right way so be it. Because I’d rather wait 3 hours and see someone one numerous of time telling me that something is pending rather than wait1 hour and only seeing 1 face and missing my diagnosis. Thank you providence memorial hospital for taking care of me and diagnosing me the right way. And not passing judgment because of my age.

Roberto Murrillo

Today I took my mother to the ER two female security officers saw me pull up and help me get my mother out of the car immediately with no hesitation. Ms. Valencia and Ms. Holguin are a great asset to memorial security team. They have great costumer service and they both filled me and my mother of happiness with their smiles. Thank you ladies

Will & Diane Jackson

We choose Providence Memorial because the staff is mature, well educated & very experienced; they’re kind, attentive, caring & just really good ppl. Our physicians & specialists are next door which is great as they can access our records & see us at anytime, day or night when one of us has to be hospitalized. . We’ve gotten to know a lot of the staff & we are grateful to know that they remember us when we’re there for procedures &/or a hospital stay. We’ll continue to choose the Providence Memorial campus should the need arise in the future. We love our nurses, techs, doctors, the aids, & cafe staff, housekeeping, all the staff at Providence Memorial. Thank you for the great care you’ve always provided for us!!

Gloria Ramirez

I am very disappointed in the care my husband received. To begin with I didn’t see a hospitalist the day of admission. The nurse tried multiple called to get medication orders and still he didn’t get them until the fill evening and that’s because I asked his neurologist to see him. Which made me upset that I had requested for his neurologist to be consulted. Apparently whoever later saw them said he didn’t need the neuro consult because they thought he had a stroke and was going to do a stroke work up. Granted I’m not a physician but I would think they would consult his neurologist because of his extensive medical history. Finally they consulted his neurologist and he was the one to restart his medications and care. I have never in my 30 year medical career have I seen such bad care. I believe animals get treat better than what he received at providence memorial hospital. I will never him transferred to this facility again.

Omar Duarte

Horrible hospital! I took my mom there last week because she fractured her knee and pelvis and we waited over 7 hrs in the ER! Ive never had to wait that long in any ER ever! The staff (nurse and front desk/admission person) were rude and acted like it was a bother to tend to her and answer questions we had. It was excuse after excuse to keep us waiting longer and longer. We finally got fed up and told them we were leaving and that's when the Dr. miraculously appeared after being told he wasn't there! Everything got done in like 45 mins. Smh..after we left, the next day we were suppose to follow up with the orthopedic surgeon only to get home and realize they didnt give us the complete discharge documents. I called and the person who answers the ER calls ( Genesis) said she didnt know anything and that I was mistaken. That they never give appointments there. Yotally clueless. I spoke to one of the nurses there (Eva) and she also gave me a hard time and was rude. Finally she "found" our appointment and gave me the name of the Dr., but still gave me the wrong address and when I called to verify the appointment, there was none! This place is so unprofessional and incompetent. We will NEVER go back. I called and left a message with who I was told was in charge (Elizabeth Quintero) 5 days ago and still haven't gotten a call back. What a mess that place is! The worst experience ever!