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611 Zeagler Dr, Palatka, FL 32177, USA
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Consumer feedback about Putnam Community Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Julie F

Was transported by ambulance and eventually airlifted to Jacksonville.. Everyone from the paramedics to hospital staff were amazing! Special kudos to Dr. Oliver and his nurse Christina for being especially awesome and treating me like I mattered! Thank you!

Rating: 5 /5

Helen Freeland

I must say how pleasantly surprised I was. My brother was brought in by ambulance a week ago and was placed in the intensive care unit. He slipped quietly away this morning. The care he received while there was every bit as fine as in a big-city facility. I can't say enough for the staff. They treated us like part of their family. Thank you thank you thank you!

Rating: 1 /5

Patricia Keller

Extortion! A healthy uninsured 23 yr old male with a cyst goes in to ER for treatment & they Hand not mail hand him a bill for $14,720? Then they say if you pay 10% today, you won’t owe anymore. Since when do they hand a patient an ER bill? They extorted $1500 out of us today. He’s been there 8 hours and they’re running up bills they know he can’t pay. So we pay it so he’s not saddled with a $15,000 bill he can never pay cause he makes $8.00 an hour. What a bunch of crooks! They’ve gotten their last cent out of my family. I will be calling my attorney tomorrow to see if this extortion is legal.

Rating: 1 /5

Amanda Dangelo

Took my daughter here because she stuck a Reeses piece in her nose. Yes she knows not to do those things but for some reason wanted to see if it would fit. She is 6 what can I say. When we got there we went right into a room because they weren't busy. A nurse looked up her nose and said I can't find it let me get a doctor. The doctor comes in and says I don't see it up there it may have melted or slipped I to a sinus pocket (not to mention he was very rough with her pushing her face back and forth and up and down). I can contact a specialist if you want. I said I want him to. After sitting there for 45 mins waiting for nothing he came in and said he could not get a hold of anyone and that they would be in with discharge paperwork. The lady came in to take our payment and said if you pay today it will only be $314.56 instead of four hundred and something. I said ok fine and paid the $314.56 that day. We got discharge paperwork that pretty much stated nothing because what can you do for a Reese's pieces in the nose that no one can find. Now 3 months later they want to send me a bill for an additional $607.80 for a Reese's pieces that was never found! If I am paying $1,000 for a Reese's piece I want it in a jar in my hand because other than that they did nothing to get $1,000 towards!!! They definitely up hold that reputation of being the a horrible hospital!! NEXT TIME GOING TO FLAGGLER HOSPITAL LIKE I WANTED TO AND I URGE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME !!! Only went to this one because one of my friends work there and said things were changing and getting better.

Rating: 1 /5

Sonialy Marrero

I hate this hospital this hospital isnt no good or i can just say some doctores dont really care worst hospital i been to