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Consumer feedback about Putnam Hospital Center

Putnam Hospital Center
Reviewed from Google

3.2 out of 5 stars

C Fariselli
C Fariselli

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

It seems that the reviews, and/or experiences, seem to vary quite a bit. My experience today was effortless, ran smoothly, and all staff were caring.

It saddens me, honestly, for those who's experiences were delayed, and/or unsatisfactory.

The overall added pressures of staff, shift restructuring in the "field," in the past 10 or so years, coupled with having to ""re-learn everything and now apply patient information a computer system,"" can be a daunting task.

Still in all, each person should receive quality and prompt attention every time. Let's keep the lines of communication open, respectful, seeking to help them, help us better.

The _ Destroyer _ 7
The _ Destroyer _ 7

2 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I was locked in the ER for 5 days without any treatment and the person that was supposed to evaluate me every 6 hours never came for the last 3 days... I wasn't even sick... They tried to transfer me to a mental institute... There was an arrest made outside my hospital room... They do take blood for testing relatively fast though... I was not allowed contact with friends or family during that time (i snuck my phone in anyway)... It was horrible... I gained three pounds in 5 days because I ate so much food there as it was the only thing I could really do... I hated it... My room was right next to construction and the ambulance bay... I blame the stupid middle school principal for this...

James Ferrufino
James Ferrufino

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

** READ THIS BEFORE PLANNING ON USING THIS HOSPITAL FOR ANYTHING ** DO NOT COME HERE ...wish I can give it half a star... TO NONE What's wrong with this place? Here it is as short as I can make it...
- day my girlfriend gave birth? Power went out.. including backup generator.. during a C section. They stated " oh it happens and its okay"
-the anesthesiologist missed the first attempt to administer the epidural.. he lied to me when I asked what's wrong and he had a bewildered look of fear to his eyes.. and I didnt find this out till a month after.. my girlfriend told me the truth.
- we traveled in the dark to the ER SIDE to finish the c section the weather was cold and so was the entire inerior of the hospital..
- rocking chair in maternity ward had missing screws and loose screws.. how dangerous
- overnight nurses were rude and rough with the baby, mean and aggressive.. towards myself and my girlfriend. The baby always cried with them it's like she knew they were coming to be rough and grab her hard.
-my girlfriend was in so much pain.. they gave her juice, water, and motrin.. nothing else..
-we called with questions to the doctor.. after the birth in which I still get billed for even after telling them.. the insurance is already in effect.. the doctor ignored us, sending the nurse and said take tylenol..
- we went yet again to ask again of the so called "epidural side effects" my girlfriend was feeling.. and the doctor didnt even give us the courtesy of looking at us while standing in the same room.. the nurse told us to take more tylenol and drink coffee..
- now a month later my girlfriend still experiences spinal pain.. headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, nausea. We will see a specialist to double check since we get the runaround over and over.. I rather have my girlfriends and daughters health and wellbeing than having to go through a lawsuit or any kind of case.. *** do not go here for a child birth..*** we should have listened to friends..
-they are rude to family and friends when visiting..
**Look at what was found in the bathroom... I think this is someones grandparents medicine cabinet god... look at the expired listerine and products in here.. gross it had a disgusting layer of dust and white powder...**
**we came and not a chance in heaven or hell. will we ever look back saying hey.. ha we went there..nope.. no thank you**
**DO NOT COME HERE** GO TO NORTHERN WESTCHESTER** go elsewhere.. please..


1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Went to the ER with blood in my urine and severe kidney pain and throwing up with fever and a UTI. I waited (normally happens in ER so I’m not complaining) and finally got a bed. I spoke to the doctor and felt mentally relieved- until the nurse came and said they were going to discharge me immediately... this wasn’t right. At all. THANKFULLY he knew that, talked some sense into the doctor and ordered me an ultrasound, antibiotic thru IV, and administered pain medicine as I was crying on the bed from my kidney pain.

I’ve been through so many pains with this hospital at all different departments. I don’t know how this hospital has any positive accountability online or in the public, I’ve grown up down the road and with everyone I’ve spoken to, the verdict is the same- literally awful. I’ve been seething since I was younger to write a review about this awful place, awful service- it makes you think most of the doctors received their degrees through a fake shotty website and I know that sounds dramatic but I swear, and this is NOT just my experience. I’ve seen it all the way growing up. I’m excited to move away to have another hospital to care for me, because I feel unsafe, uncomfortable and have to keep on top of my own doctor to make sure they’re doing the right things and correcting THEIR wrongs. I sound snobby I know but please beware. The odds of you getting a neanderthal to “take care of you” are very high.

I have too many stories to write here so I’m going to leave it with my experience today and a general overall opinion I share with some of the community. Message me for more information of personal stories and stories of others- none of them are good.

Maksim Chepel
Maksim Chepel

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

This place rips people off. On 2 different occasions we came here for urgent care for our child. Both times it was on weekends and our doctor was unavailable so we came here. And on both occasion they sent us back home with "it'll pass - go see your doctor on Monday" while charging us more than $1000 each time. So no service costs $1000. And I saw them Googling our symptoms online. I know next time we just won't come. Yes, we will risk life but we won't give this lazy bunch a penny.

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