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1000 Trancas St, Napa, CA 94558, USA
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Consumer feedback about Queen of the Valley Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

StreamFan 68

I was born on that hospital and lived in Napa first 30 years of my life and it was excellent.. Turning 30 (the exact day) I broke my neck and was air flighted to the Queen... I am not sure if people are assessing these nurses and facilitys quite the right way.. I had Dr. Morgessi (sp?) as my neurosurgeon..and he was very brash, cocky, and arrogant...and I was a complete mess physically and emotionally. But I will say this.. I have never been taken care of even with all that "attitude " quite like I was then.. Suuuure he came across brash...but I tell you what... he did impecable work and saved my life.. and I will forever be in debted on so many levels to him and the staff...and to the Queen for my remaining days... I like to it as from start to finish.... Queen I dont know much about how you guys are "today"..I just know my experiences with you...and I TRULY want to thank you...

Rating: 1 /5

Frank Bob

Look, I was born here, both my wife and I have family members who have worked here over 20 years. And even they can’t believe the bill I received. My son was born at the queen on September 12, 2016, my wife was there for 36 hours before she was allowed to go home. Before insurance kicked in it was $17,000.00 which makes sense since it was essentially a surgery and she was there a total of 36 hours. I went in at 11pm on Sept. 16 2017 and left at 4am on sept. 17th I was there for 5 hours plus/ minus. No surgery, though I did get a cat scan on my torso, they also gave me (a patient with extreme kidney pain) dialodad, I had asked for something mild due to kidney pain, yet instead of giving me ibuprofen or something mild, I asked what the tech was adding to my saline solution, he said oh, it’s stronger than morphine.. I said really? Why would they decide to give me that? As soon as I started feeling it, my kidneys felt worse than before, and I threw up everything left in my stomach, I had maybe 15-20 minutes with the doctor, a blood test, 2 blood cultures, a urinalysis and a cat scan, most of my stay was waiting on test results. I was told I could leave when they realized my enlarged organs were functioning correctly, and I was told I wouldn’t have to stay overnight. I had a couple weeks off, and then the fires came.. and so did the most ludicrous bill I’ve ever seen. For my 5 hours, with no overnight stay, no surgery.. They charged $24,000 before insurance kicked in. Heck I make maybe $42,000 a year, and I’m the only one working, I have a 1 year old son, a wife and a baby on the way. I now owe $3,500 our of pocket after insurance adjustments, along with another bill ($600) that will be arriving soon. Can you please justify this? How insane does this seem. Heck my friend who doesn’t have insurance broke their arm, had to have it set, and casted, and got a bill for less than $1,000 and they were there overnight. I asked the billing department why this was, their excuse... They cover almost 90% of non insured patients.. So instead they burden/ punish the ones who pay thousands a year for I surance fkr their families. How Christian is this? Not very, obviously this hospital is a “for profit” hospital, which is not how it’s supposed to be. In my opinion, take down the crosses, and bible verses, and put pentagrams up instead. My bill is around 1/10th of what I make in a year. That’s an entire 6 week paycheck. And with loosing a lot of hours due to the fires, and being the only person in the household working, I honestly don’t know what to do. Nor do I feel comfortable paying something that insane, when my sons birth cost $7,000 less, and they were there for 31 hours longer than I was. Please go back to the Christian mentality, or fix your insanely ludicrous prices. I’m heartbroken this is what my childhood hospital has become.

Rating: 3 /5

rebecca beeckman

The staff in labor and delivery is wonderful. However if your delivery nurse is a woman by the name of Mischa, ASK FOR ANOTHER NURSE.She is horrible, rude and dreadful. I would not wish the experience I had with her, upon my worst enemy . I hope by now the hospital has replaced her, however if not... pleas please please request a different nurse before you experience what I had too.

Rating: 5 /5

ellen parsley

Great ER, nurses, doctors all all great. We are lucky to have this caliber of hospital in Napa

Rating: 5 /5

Jack Long

We were in Napa on vacation when my wife hurt her shoulder. We were treated very well in the ER and she was diagnosed, patched up and on her way in a couple of hours. The staff, nurses and doctors were really great. Thank you for the excellent care.