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Consumer feedback about Regions Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Leila Berro

My brother went in complaining about all his pain and aches that wouldn't go away for a week so I suggested he go to a hospital mind you he doesn't have insurance it was that bad.... Tland they didn't even diagnose him or release him with any information. What kind of hospital is this honestly and you call yourself a teaching hospital. Please if what ur teaching your students is to be lazy and not actually know what's wrong with your patient then bravo... Our world will be a better place with those Drs now.... Disgusting... thanks for nothing

Rating: 1 /5

Revy Quinn Gaming and Music

This hospital doesn't even deserve one star. Okay let me break this down for everyone. They saved my life twice because I overdosed on pills. Ill give them 5 stars on that part. They do save lives. However other stuff happens that is quite unsavory to say the least. Let me give you examples from my stays there including the most current. Also how they treat my dad whom is very vulnerable. 1st example : They laugh at their patients. Most of the nurses, workers and even other people in the mental wards literally make fun of their patients. Why this happens i don't know but its the truth. This is why I opted out on working with the nurses and workers till I knew one thing. That the doctor there would help me. In the end I worked with most of the people there my last visit. Except for the ones that laughed at their patients. 2nd example : Yes they saved my life a couple times. Yes they helped me recover. However those great things are the only thing they did for me. Okay and I do admit some of the classes at the hospital where amazing. They over all are a good hospital however the 3rd and final example on how they treat their patients made me give them 1 star instead of 4 or 5. 3rd example : My dad was admitted and they did a decent job with him the first time. However in the ER where I was with him. He had mini strokes in his brain. No one could figure this out. So they sent him home the same day. That's whats so corrupt about this hospital. They should have admitted him that day. Instead I went home with him. Wait I made a mistake on this. I remember it wasn't regions that did this. It was St . Johns in Maplewood, Minnesota. So let me give you the final example... 4th and final example : Since the 3rd didn't apply to regions which I apologize about. However it shows how bad hospitals are in Minnesota in general. See the same thing happened there twice. He was admitted the first time and taken care of for the most part. The doctors did all they could which I give them a thumbs up for. However they deserve a 1 star for one reason in my opinion. The 2nd time he was sent there they sent him back the same day. The 3rd time and this is what really did it in. The doc wanted him to come back again the same night. First off we don't have transportation other then the bus. So a vulnerable adult with Vascular Dementia end stage none the less is sent home and not admitted. In fact this happened today. This is after his doc / psychiatrist and nurse sent him there. They have more of a say then anyone else. Which puts me to conclude this post. Final words on regions hospital : I would have given them 4 or 5 stars easily. Except they don't really care about their patients. In fact I was transferred several times to the nurse in ER. I admit their phone service is decent. However they only left a message with the doctor. I hope to let them know that he needs to stay there. Again recommended by two people in the health field that know my dad. They rather send people home the same day if they can. Which I give them 1 star for. Now in a whole I am not mad with regions hospital. In fact I recommend them over all for long term stuff. They saved my life which I will owe them forever. However I dislike greatly how they treat their patients as a whole. So with all that being said. 5 stars turned into 1 star. 5 stars for saving peoples lives daily. 1 star for how they treat their patients over all. Thanks for reading and I hope this is read and taken seriously. I love the hospital but I don't recommend it in general.

Rating: 1 /5

Tony Tutch

My experience at regions hospital was horrible. I moved back to the Twin Cities and went there with head pain and what seemed to be left ear pain. I went to the ER and explained I had bad pain on the left side of my face. I did not know what it was. They looked in my ears and said I had an ear infection. I was then prescribed antibiotics, and sent home. Two day later I still had pain and started to get a rash and hives on my ear lobe. On top of that I noticed the left side of my face was not moving, and left eye was not blinking. I went to another clinic and they came to the conclusion I was suffering from a shingles out break, They told me I was misdiagnosed and I could possibly get bells palsy. She said luckily I came in right away and have a chance of recovering from it. I was then prescribed the right medication. A few months later I went to ER and had to get surgery. I was sent home after 2 days of hospitalization and had to come back as they did not drain out everything correctly. I had a fever that got up to 103 and they had to perform the surgery again. 7 Months after that I had same problem and in need of surgery again. They sent me to the Operating room looked at the area with a scope and sent me home. A few days later I was seen by the specialist and he operated on me that day. The ER at regions did not do a good job and I always had to make multiple trips regarding an issue. I think they should take the time and make sure they get it right the first time. On top of that there financial office was very rude to me as well. I made payment arrangements and i paid over the amount agreed on their temporary payment plan and they sent me to a collection. I was told that it is in their policy that I cannot pay over the payment arrangement amount on a temporary payment plan. After making some concerning phone calls, they pulled it from collections and agreed to setup a regular payment. Over all they just want to get people in and shove them out. Then get paid even if the problem is not fixed. I still have issues resulting from surgery, but am afraid to go to a hospital because of the expensive bills and the fact that they may not do the surgery correctly. That is my experience with this hospital I would not advise anyone to go to them. I use to love the hospital when it was Ramsey County Hospital. Now it seems like they are all about profit before helping. I wish I can give 0 stars for this rating.

Rating: 1 /5

Marian Aden

It is the worst HOSPITAL in 20 years in the USA. If there was a 1/2 star, I had given. Specially do not go to their EMERGENCY, they just take your time and send you home with the pain that brought you into the hospital in the first place. I don't know what they have studied, but they are a waist of a time! Just do what they'll tell you and drink a lot of wateeeeeeeeer!

Rating: 5 /5

Robert Nyre

Very organized with a very respectful staff. Health Partners are just that, partners. All aspects of this visit have been first class. Reading old reviews makes me think people were at a different hospital