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Consumer feedback about Renown Regional Medical Center


5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

Okay so to begin you have to realize that this is a hospital and not a hotel even though they have what they call the Renown Hospital Inn.

Anyways due to a softball size tumor in my head i was forced to live here for 1 month with several more surgeries here which so far has now been 9 months and counting. Fortunately i live very close by and the at home care is working out for me.

That all said I like to point out that this is one of the best hospitals overall that I've ever stayed at. The nurses especially Courtney was very attentive to my needs and dealt with any negative issues along the way.

Next their immediate care has been exceptional to date and everyone is more than willing to help you out with ANY issue you have.

Now there are some negative issues but it's not at all the staff's fault. I just needed to clear that up. First issue is food. The only thing worth having is the turkey pot pie but they only serve that on Thursday so order two if you're there on those days spending the night. Trust me you won't regret it.

Next issue and again this is not the staff's fault by any means but on some days and some nights i would have really long wait times for surgeries and really long wait times when i need something done. But like i said this is a hospital and not a hotel and there are many many many more people here than you so longer wait times are unavoidable and the staff is doing the best job possible to get to you ASAP.

Be patient they're doing their best.

My final issue and i personally think that this is more my issue than anything else but those Wifi and smoke detection lights on the ceiling are way too bright for my taste.

Other than that i really love the care and how wonderfully designed this hospital is. Hope you don't have to visit but if you do, you'll be treated very well.

Anam Kinsey
Anam Kinsey

3 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I've been coming here for years now. I want to say that aside from one hugely important and relatively easy to fix (and apparently easier to ignore) problem, I would give Renown a 5 star rating. But they have a layout system designed by and continually reviewed by people with a extremely incomprehensible sense of direction. Out of maybe 50 visits I have gone direct to my destination less than ten. I don't get lost easy, but some crew of geniuses make it so simple to do it here that it will boggle your mind. As we all know, there are many plans that other big institutions use that work to get patients to their desired location quickly; yet Renown prides themselves on a layout that I have found also inconceivable to many of its own staff. Help/Info desks are often not staffed. Directory maps remain hidden. Intelligent or at least clearly stated building naming really is depressing, often a mystery to those who forgot to peruse the locations in a helicopter beforehand.
So be warned, if you have an appointment and you think 10 minutes to get from the parking lot should be enough time, you are most likely wrong. If you plan on asking for directions when you arrive, also probably not wise to depend on. Even now, knowing where all of my doctors are, I still get lost and usually spend 30 minutes running several miles around the complex. If anyone at Renown, want any suggestions feel free to contact me. I've had many hours over the years to devise several. I still visit, but I have learned to plan on lots of exercise in the process.

Lew in Reno
Lew in Reno

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

I use to be a runner & bicycle racer. I take my health seriously. I made an appointment for my Annual Wellness Visit in August for an October. Two weeks before the October appointment it was canceled. The reason given was "the doctor will be out of the office". They gave me another appointment, THREE & a HALF MONTHS away, in January2019. I got a voice mail the morning of my visit that the doctor was sick, appointment canceled. I can understand the doctor being sick. What I can NOT understand is having to wait another SIX WEEKS for another appointment. My ANNUAL Wellness Visit is turning into my BI-ANNUAL Wellness Visit. My health & wellness do NOT matter to Renown. If you want great medical care go to the Carson-Tahoe Healthcare.

Gordon Bailey
Gordon Bailey

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

My Dad was Life Flighted from Alturas with 15% function of his heart. The Doctors, Nurses, and specialist at this hospital have been amazing and the best bedside manners I have seen. God bless all of these amazing medical providers. Thank you all.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

My mother keeps leaving and getting lost after becoming upset and thinking there are bad things happening near where she is... (Previously she thought mafia like people were shooting people etc..) Mother was admitted after I called the police (via the Google link) and requested a counselor (long story) because she was confused and hostile after a friend took her back her back to my (technically our place according to the lease) place unexpectedly... (She wouldn't accept that she was staying here and it was her room. It is clean with a comfortable bed in her favorite color.) The police came with EMTs. The emergency room was nice enough. They claimed she had a urinary infection, kept her for two days (apparently she doesn't have a urinary infection..?) and then wanted to discharge her without addressing the fact that she is still too confused to function... And she doesn't have any of the help she needs... And when I pointed out that I have my own medical issues and have to spend all my time trying to keep her from running away from an unseen evil they said sorry for MY problems... So this place is basically wasting money...

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