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Consumer feedback about Riverside Community Hospital

Rating: 3 /5

Megan Tripp

I arrived at the ER with a suspected fractured ankle (which I was right about) and even though the nurses were holding my paperwork stating that I’m there for this, I was forced to walk around the hospital even after asking for a wheelchair. They got me in and out as fast as they possibly could, which I appreciated, but you would think that when a patient is there for a suspected ankle fracture and is bawling their eyes out while walking, you would give them a wheelchair to not further the pain or swelling. AND NOT EXPECT THEM TO WALK WHEN THEY CLEARLY CAN’T! Now, I still give them three stars because a very nice random doctor (who wasn’t the one I was seeing for this) stopped me in my tracks on my way out to get me a wheelchair and even came back to check that I didn’t leave yet. Need more doctors like her

Rating: 1 /5

Sandra Sanchez

I went to ER of this hospital on December 30, 2017 to receive urgent medical attention due to a severe pain I was having around midnight. When I got there, I scored my pain in "4" because even though it was very intense I could still handle it. However, I was shaking and vomiting due to the pain which the nurses noticed. After two hours of waiting, the pain became chronic and I could not stop vomiting. Nobody did anything, none of the nurses there seem to care that I was in such a pain. All they did was putting me in a wheel chair and let me aside in the hall. I remember I was begging to every single nurse I saw to do something for me and NOBODY DID ANYTHING. It was not until three in the morning or so that they finally gave me something to stop vomiting and said they would give me pain medication once the vomiting had stooped. The vomiting stopped by the pain was worse minute by minute and I never got the pain medication even though I was in front of them all the time screaming of pain! This time, other patients were advocating for me asking them to please do something for me, but they were not listened either. No nurse would leave her computer to go see me. When I finally fell off the chair due to the pain, two nurses came to help me get up and said to me in a very strong voice that I had to cooperate. How they dare! At 4:30 in the morning when I had no energy left, in my despair to save my life that I was seeing threatened due to the negligence of these people and still did not know what was causing the pain, I called my mother in law for her to take me somewhere else because I was tired to beg for the help I was not going to receive. Then she came to the hospital around 5 in the morning and spoke to the nurse who told her that they had forgotten given me the pain medication. What kind of answer is that? Yes, sure. They forgot to give me pain medication even though I had been all time begging for it in front of their desk. At 5:00 in the morning I got a pill and my pain was finally controlled. Then, around 7 in the morning I was finally seen by a doctor (the only nice person I saw there) who after some tests said that I had a bad kidney stone. For those who have suffered of this condition know that this pain is chronic and need immediate attention. It is incredible that such a common diagnosis has not been handled professionally. There was no reason to make me suffer for such a long time when a simple pill would have made things easier for me. I understand the place was crowded, it was the end of the year, but no human being deserves the treatment I got. From all the patients there, I was in worse condition and should have not waited that long. I did not even get a bed. The personnel handling my case were totally negligent. Providing a good service should not depend on how crowded the place is or how busy they are. It is a matter of good administration, organization, discipline, engagement and vocation to serve others, concepts the personnel in ER Riverside Community Hospital do not know (or at least the staff who treated me). Working in the health field requires more than just medical knowledge. It requires to be too human and compassionate to practice these professions the right way. The staff there need to remember that they are humans serving humans. They must keep in mind they need to be human first, if they really want to take care of people. If they do not understand this simple concept, they probably picked up the wrong career. For those who read my comment, if you ever need urgent care, please consider going somewhere else. This place has no respect at all for patients in pain and it is far from having high standards in pain management. Pain management is certainly not its main goal. Giving to this place one star is too much. I only did it, so I could write this review.

Rating: 1 /5

Magaly Najera

I'm so frustrated and angry, I feel helpless. I have one dad, ONE, just like everyone else, and if you knew him the way I did, you would try anything in your power, to make him get better. My dad broke his c6 vertebrae due to a fall, from a drop of blood sugar levels, my father is diabetic. He got taken to Riverside community on Christmas Eve morning, at around midnight. He didn't receive a CAT scan or MRI/MRA till 10am. We asked all day about the status, several family members, different nurses, changed shifts. And for some reason nobody knew anything. We didn't get any answers till 9pm that night. And I'm sure it was only due to the fact that we continuously kept asking the head nurse at the desk, only then did we see some sort of effort. Thank you Eunice. My dad was scheduled for surgery today, but from lack of care, he developed pneumonia, he's been in bed, he's gotten weaker, my dad is an active man, quite capable of jumping back up from this fall, but the patient care, is not there. You basically have to ask the nurses for everything, it's like they lack common nurse sense or something. I agree with a commenter below, I wouldn't even take my pets here. To all you doctor and nurses, stuck in holiday mode, wanting to rush to your family's. My dad, MY FAMILY!! Is in your hands. Please care and provide for your patients, because they mean something to someone. I wish I could transfer him to his hospital Kaiser, that he's dealt with, had multiple surgeries with, has a developed relationship with. Not like this cold hospital. If you care about your loved ones, don't take them here. As for medical staff, you guys need to improve your patient care, and communicate better with family's and doctors. It's disgusting how people are treated here. To all the "good nurses" I'm sorry.

Rating: 2 /5

Jacob Rubio

I would have expected a more thorough examination for strep. I told the doc I have been a while without water or fluids, so you'd think they would give me IV fluids at least. I'm not even from CA I can say without a doubt that I will not return here even if my arm hung off. This place is packed like sardines.

Rating: 5 /5

Quantrell Willis

Everyone was great from the entrance information staff to the nurses and physicians. They wwrr very friendly and helpful and we were seen quickly without delay whole keeping us informed the whole time while in the ED. We expected to be there for hours but they were efficient and overall excellent.