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26520 Cactus Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92555, United States
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Consumer feedback about Riverside County Regional Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Elisa Sheard

My daughter was transferred from our local hospital to RUHSMC for a higher level of care. When I first heard where she was being transferred to, I was extremely upset and asked why do I pay to have private insurance if I have to go there. I had had a bad experience over 20 years ago. Once we got to the hospital, she was sent to the ICU where we were received and greeted by such an amazing and caring team. The doctor took the time to explain to us what was going on in her body. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The rooms were spacious and clean. We nurses constantly coming in to check on her. Ask if I needed anything. They would come and educate my daughter and I on how we will need to care for her once we get discharged. This was extremely stressful and a lot of information to take in. The staff there reassured us that we would not be discharged until my daughter and I were comfortable with injecting and monitoring her sugars. Once transferred from the ICU to a regular room, the wonderful care did not stop. The nurses on the other side of the floor where just as attentive and caring for my daughter. I have a new view of this hospital and would return in the future if we needed to. I would 100% recommend this hospital to my friends and family. Over all I am beyond grateful for the wonderful staff that cared for my daughter.

Rating: 1 /5

Doris Hicks

My husband has been going to the podiatry clinic for about nine to ten months now and have been told SOOOOOO many different things that that they want to do with his leg and/or foot. His first Doctor, whom seemed to care about him and his feelings about losing his own foot or part of him, but it will have to be coming off is how she put it. But everyone else ,'we're going to have to take off your leg from here down.' It's not like Mr. Hicks we can't wait to much longer for because I'm afraid that the affection has gotten worse and has begun to go up in to your leg. But NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT TO HIM!!!!! THEY'LL TALK TO HIM LIKE HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS OWN FOOT AND LEG. I JUST SOMEONE WOULD TEACH THEIR INTERNS THE BASIC HUMAN NEEDS AND FEELINGS, THAT ANY DOCTOR SHOULD HAVE. Good bedside manners, always listen to your patients and treasure them that you'll do what you can, and Above all else write a prescription for sore of the problem for patients. Back to the problem with podiatry and orthopedic clinic need a little bit of help on their bedside manner and the just trying to be human with their patients might be of help and stop arguing with the patient, because you've already explained everything to them now they, the INTERNS, need to to listen to the patent and give advice when needed. But I SOMEONE is forgetting to put it all in the listens. Thanks, Doris

Rating: 2 /5

regene goens

They left my brother sitting with dirty poop rags underneath his butt! The doctor had a straight attitude when we were asking her question. The rooms are super dirty. They kept claiming they were running out of medicine to give him. Which is extremely ridiculous! How are you a hospital running out of important meds! The worst hospital ever!

Rating: 1 /5


This is an awful hospital. Do not go in Labour here if you want a smooth delivery. These people are amateurs!! They don't know what there doing and will make your stay miserable. My Daughter had her son here and they kept her in labour for 24 hours!!! And messed up her bladder after she finally delivered and they gave her the wrong prescription. They were supposed to give her antibiotics and gave her something for constipation!!! Really.. These jokers.

Rating: 5 /5

Traci Pospisil

Im here right now and they're a professional and hard working staff...they're swamped and probably tired.. I have been treated with respect and care.. Glad I Came ... The biggest thing you have to realize is your not the only one sick, and they are treating many patients...