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Consumer feedback about Robert Packer Hospital

Autumn Mead
Autumn Mead

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Every person we dealt with at this hospital was amazing. Completely amazing. Every nurse and doctor. The nurses especially were very kind and very amazing to our son. Thank you all so very much.

Callie Whitesell
Callie Whitesell

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

If I could give this group a zero I would. I have never delt with more "professionals" who have no idea what they are doing. I have had to reach out to other drs and hospitals to get diganosed... had to being up concerns about drug interactions, have called and set up things had confirmations and drove 2 hours for appointments that they don't how they were scheduled. The most recent experience was calling a month in advance, speaking with the dr, making an appointment based on their schedule on ORDERING the vaccine I needed. Went to my appointment after having to take time off because they had to ORDER it and it would not be in until this date (asked for dates previous when I had time off of work) could not be done because this ORDERED vaccine wouldn't be there until then. Went to my appointment and there is no vaccine so they say that's ok we will give you the pill form... not covered by insurance (but the vaccine is) over 100 dollars out of pocket and have no other choice because it has to be started today because of a timeline with the oral medication. Also they ordered the oral medicine to the pharmacy downstairs so I could start taking it... they sent the wrong one which I then had to sprint up the steps to catch the office to send the correct one l, not once but twice. This appointment for my PREORDERED vaccine is now on hour 3.... I am so tired of doing their jobs, being proactive and them still not being competent enough to do their JOB on their end. It is absolutely pathetic.

Jenna Naylor
Jenna Naylor

2 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

My experience started out great here,went in the evening to the emergency room wait time was pretty long.(4 hours) when I went back my nurse Liz was amazing and the Dr. As well as MRI people. Ended up needing emergency back surgery it went well the Dr. She was great! But after surgery my nurse on the 7th floor Lorene was terrible as well as my care partner Cindy. I was crying because if my pain and unable to empty my bladder by myself and they waited two hours to help me then instead of trying to help my pain level had me take a walk in the hall then sat me in the toilet for an hour to make me try to push out my urine on my own which didnt work made my pain worse and I cried and cried. She finally put a catheter in ( she shoved it in really hard to where I bled) and gave me a muscle relaxer for the pain which didnt help and refused anything stronger. I couldn't get comfortable couldn't eat pee on my own nothing and she left me there in pain for hours with 0 compassion. The nurses were so awful to me on day shift but night shift was great!

Wendy Spickerman
Wendy Spickerman

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Friendly staff, Doctor's explain things in great detail. Easy to find.

David Williams
David Williams

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Feb 2019 Excellent care. Excellent staff. We are so grateful for the emergent care in ICU through follow ups that continue.

May 28th, 2019 - My wife went in for a routine outpatient procedure called an ERCP. The surgeon said he could not gain access to view the common bile duct even after several attempts by twisting and pushing the camera on the endoscope into the duct so he couldn't diagnose a problem or clear any sludge/materials that could've been blocking the duct. When I asked him "What do we do next?" He said, 'What do you mean what do we do next?' And I said, "If I understood you correctly, you said there was no way to visually see the common bile duct to make a diagnosis or do anything to treat her. So what's the next step? How do we proceed from here to learn what's wrong with her?" He leaned in toward me and said, "Well, I guess you should take her back to whoever referred her to me in the first place." His tone was sarcastic. When she was discharged - an hour or so later we got 12 miles down the highway and my wife was crying out to God for His help to take her pain. We went back to the ER at Robert Packer hospital and they admitted her with acute pancreatitis! They told us it was serious and one of the surgeon's assistants told us she was very ill and could anticipate being in the hospital for 2-3 weeks then convalescing at home for about the same time. He told me the same thing on Saturday, told her on Sunday and told both of us on Monday face to face. Wednesday they discharged her against our better judgement based on their stated severity of her condition. We discussed it with the assistant and her nurse and finally said okay, we are leaving as they insisted she was well enough to return home.

To make a long story short - 2 weeks later my wife was in an ambulance again for the same problems and worsening health.

HOWEVER - She was not returning to Robert Packer hospital. We decided to entrust her care to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY where they diagnosed what went wrong, what got worse and made a treatment plan for her. The communication was excellent and comforting. She had a blood clot in her portal vein that was missed at Robert Packer hospital and the lesion on her pancreas that Robert Packer hospital found via ultrasound was noted but no further details were provided. The lesion ended up being pancreatic pseudo cysts.

Had they kept her at Robert Packer hospital , it is my humble opinion that they would have found these things on their own and saved her a great deal of health issues that may now require medication for the rest of her life.

We're trusting our Heavenly Father and the doctors at Strong Memorial hospital for her future medical needs as these are serious issues.

I am not damming Robert Packer hospital. I am simply sharing our experiences with you both good at the ICU level and the bad at the hands of one surgeon and several other staff members whose performance was less than stellar.

You may find 100 people who will tell you they are great and 100 people who will say they had bad experiences.

I am simply sharing why we will not be returning to Robert Packer hospital unless they are the only viable option in an emergency.